NATURE: Turn Around and Admire!

Humans & Nature

Living on the most beautiful planet, we are blessed with everything which is required for a healthy living. Every form of nature is capable enough or has the ability to nourish us. Despite knowing this, are we performing our part? Are we doing even 1% of what nature has been doing for us for the eternity? Our role not only limits till using of the nature provided resources, it further extends to helping nature rehabilitate it but our role is left unperformed that is having a grievous and saddening impact on our nature around.


Nature in trouble
Image Source: Mankind destruction

We waste water, we cut trees, we ruin the quality of air, we pressurize land all in the name of industrialization, urbanization and all other terms that seem fancy in speaking. But do the importance of these terms lies more than that of nature or is it somewhat less worthy than it? The answer is a big NO. Playing with the balance of our ecosystem, we are indirectly playing with our future. We ourselves are planning our future that would have scarce of all the natural resources that are essential for our survival.


After all, what we observe is despite all the tolerances which it has to sustain, does it ask for something in return? Despite this, does it ask for what we continue using mercilessly? It neither asks for anything nor stops us from having more of it. This is the quality we need to inherit from it. The greedy and self-eccentric life of an individual needs to be changed. It needs to be linked with the amenities that our nature holds. We need to learn as to how one can contribute itself towards others, how one can just give others without any expectation of getting something in return.

Beautiful Nature
Image Source: Conserve it

Apart from it, nature possesses immense qualities that are worthy of being inherited and following. We just need to analyze these qualities, interpret it in our life and observe the outcomes. It surely will improve our lives, and give it a sharper focus and better clarity.

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