Nature: The Best Cure For Stress and Anxiety!


Albert Einstein rightly said “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better”. Nature has always intrigued man, the beauty, the smell of earth and forest, the sound of cicadas, birds and other insects, the soft lapping of water from a nearby creek, the feeling of breathing in clear and clean air and not to forget the gentle touch of breeze, all of it has always filled us humans with an extraordinary feeling, something one cannot express. Each one of us has felt it at a certain point in life, stepping foot into the wild, untouched nature as if revitalizes the soul and makes you feel energized.


As city dwellers, we have not only made ourselves as ‘running on our toes’ at all times but also have added an extra stress level. We worry about every little thing and have the least patience. These things lead us to stress and anxiety, which in turn, often makes us want to detach ourselves from everyone else. No medicines or doctors can give us a proper cure to stress, but Nature definitely can. So come explore with me how nature is and will always be your call for a better understanding of life.


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A simple walk into forests or even areas filled with greenery, away from the maddening crowd and deafening city noises, soothes our soul. It makes us feel fresh and alive. According to various studies conducted over time, it was examined that, when volunteers were shown images and scenes from nature, it made them experience a kind of love and compassion, whereas when they were shown pictures of cities and other urban areas, the part of the brain that identifies fear and anxiety seemed to lit up. This does prove that nature helps us better connect with each other and our surroundings.

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One of the most intriguing aspects in relation to man and nature is that, when we spend our time out in the wilderness not only our mood changes from anxiety to happiness but also our ability to pay attention increases. It is a tried and tested fact that man can naturally focus better on what he is experiencing at that moment being out there, this, therefore, provides our brain a short break from the mundanity of city life and on exploring new areas of life and often leaves an impact on the individual.

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Being surrounded by nature or also viewing pictures associated with nature helps us to calm ourselves both emotionally as well as physically. It contributes to the overall fitness of an individual, it is believed that when associated with nature, the stress hormone released in our body is decreased and along with that, blood pressure and heart rate too.According to a report, as per research was done, even a simple small plant has some significant impact on the individual relating to stress and anxiety, as seen in schools, hospitals, and offices.

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Nature is a great way to pacify an individual’s pain. As mentioned earlier, nature view helps us in focusing better. We as humans are inherently attracted to everything about nature, it helps us to distract our mind, though for a short period of time. Thus, nature helps us by distracting us from our pain and uneasiness. Again as mentioned in a report, some patients, after certain minor surgeries, were shown images of nature while other that of a wall. It was discovered that patients that viewed the former images were more tolerable to pain and also showed little sign of negativity.

Nature has always been helpful to the man from the very beginning, from a time where everything was only provided by nature to a time where nature is the only solution for restoring ourselves and feeling alive once again. The life we lead is dangerous, and sometimes we just don’t have an option but to continue with it. But always remember it is also important to find yourself in this maddening crowd, to relive, reconnect and restore yourself.

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So, don’t let stress or anxiety get to you. Think positive, because if you just stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing!


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