Anger is a primal force of nature, a hurricane, tornado, volcanic eruption, a thunderstorm, lightning bolt, a natural form of energy, not unlike electricity. It can be triggered off by various factors however different people react differently when they are in a grip of it. Some bottle it up whereas some unleash their anger right then and there. 

Be it a male or female, righteous or wrongdoer, if a person is in any sense short-tempered she/he will condemn based on that quality only however there are some myths that have followed these people for quite a while and myths which are not true at all.


  1. unlike some people screaming at them or accusing them to be ill-mannered or the best one, “a ticking time bomb”, they actually do not explode on any topic smallest topic, however, they lack a little patience and comparatively act faster than normal people.
  2. Being shortly tempered doesn’t mean to react fast but to react more fiercely. Generally, it is seen that their degree of anger is higher than any other person getting angry.
  3. It is nowhere near the truth that just because these people get angry faster, that they will cool down with equal speed, like anyone else they require time to reflect and understand the problem after which they calm down.
  4. The biggest myth of all is that the height of a person defines his degree of temper, height has no relation with a temper, tallest of people have been angry and shortest of them, patient.
  5. An article published in 2016 said that it is good to be short tempered as it helps you to constantly work and earn and have a happy marriage, this is the most hilarious myth of all as it is a given fact that being moody only brings out irritation out of other people and not love or happiness.

Being shortly tempered is hardly beneficial, the lack of control may lead to some harm towards family members or people that you genuinely care about, hence it is always advised to take help and learn how to restrain it.

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