My Own Fairytale


We all grow up listening to fairy tales, of princes on their white horses and princess in their pink ball gowns. Somewhere, in one or the other corner of our heart, we want to impersonate them. I think, many girls like me dream of being –

A Cinderella with her glass slipper
Or Goldilocks with her golden hair
Or of being Snow White
All maidens, beautiful and fair.

Those were the stories and dreams that made us wish to grow up fast, to make us see the unseen castles, to wish for our own castle and a prince with a white horse who always comes to save the damsel in distress.But now the small girl is all grown up. She now knows that –

Never were the tales of the castles true
Nor are there any fairy godmothers
No pumpkin here turns into beautiful carts
Nor do dwarfs save her from the evil stepmother.

Looking all around her she now sees the truth all naked, something that was hidden to her innocent, young eye. She now knows that there is no prince charming coming to her. That was just something her naïve heart wished for, which is not likely to come true, ever. Her dreams and wishes have now changed. Now, she has learned to question and seek out the answers herself.

It is not that she no longer believes in fairytales, she does. But her views on them have changed. She, as if, seems to ask –

Why should her gown be pink, not blue?
Why can’t she be her own knight in shining armor?
Why does she need a fairy godmother to change things for her?
Can’t she herself change things in her favor?

The fairytales exist now too, only their definitions and contents changed. Now, her fairytale is her own, something she wants to weave for herself and not made for her by others with their magic wands. She has her own fairytale now and in this story –

She wants to be her own fairy,
To fly up high.
She wishes not for the castle of a prince,
But her own house of bricks and stone.
She now doesn’t need glass slippers,
Maybe leather boots will do instead.
She doesn’t want to look at the world,
From up high, captivated by her tower.
She wants to burst through the doors,
And stomp through the world with all her might.

This is the fairytale of the once small girl, now all grown up. This is the fairytale I dream of, to come true. This fairytale is mine and can be yours too. She now knows and me too, that the fairytales of my childhood can never come true. But this fairytale, that I cherish now can become real with time and effort and persistence.

We all girls have a princess hidden in us, a princess who wishes for her own fairytale. And she has a hidden wish too, to make these stories her reality. This was my fairytale, quite different from the ones we are accustomed to. But then, my fairytale belongs to me and no one else. I won’t shy away to say and nor should you that–

I believe I am a princess,
And I have my own fairytale too.
My fairytale sure changed as I grew,
But it has the potential to come true.
Now I do not wish for any other story,
I am proud of the one of my own.
And I am sure to find a way to turn,
This beautiful fairytale into a real one.

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Hi! My name is Gitika and I am a final year Masters degree student of English. I love creative writing and reading novels. I enjoy exploring new places and spending time with my friends and family. I hail from the beautiful state of Assam and my family is my strength.


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