My Journey Through English


Living through the best phase of human life, ‘the childhood,’ I was a kid of ‘no work and all day play. Those were the carefree days remarkable with no tension of homework and obviously nothing to worry about exams. I had been a notorious one among my siblings. My mother was a homemaker, all day long busy making our lives a perfection. It would have been impossible to live through that childhood in this me today, without her. My father, like others’ father, was the sole breadwinner to the family. He would do everything and make ends meet to fill our empty stomachs. He hardly had time left for us at the end of the day, after an exhausting day through work. I had been living the life of my dreams, the one with all my wishes just a demand away. Those are the beautiful days that I have cherished in the treasury of memory since ever. In a smooth journey of life, one day brought the characters unknown to me.

I was to be admitted to a school that my elder sisters had already been studying in. A decade and half years old, there was hardly any commoner aware of the playgroup schools so, I was thus being prepared to be admitted to nursery class. For a few months, every other member of my family was busy making me learn those hard to remember varnmalas of Hindi, numbers from 1 to 100 and those damn tough to pronounce 26 alphabets. All day long I was made to memorize them by heart.

Mommy took me to the pre-primary school for the entrance test that was to be conducted there to judge is I was good enough to be a student of that school. A lady teacher, living in her mid-forties guided me to an empty room. She asked me to take my seat and started up her rapid fire round. Though it wasn’t one, I preferred calling it a rapid-fire round because, for a child of some three years old, those questions asked one after the other were quick enough to be titled so. Though I had known everything that the lady asked nearly perfect but, to my bad luck seeing her horrifying no-nonsense face, my mind went black.

But, somehow to my wonder, I was admitted to the school in a class nursery. In two days my entire family was busy buying me the brand new necessary equipment, books, notebooks, my uniform and everything. Within two days I had several new things under my ownership. It was a great feeling. Finally, on the third day, I was made to wake up early along with my other siblings in order to get ready on time. Mommy did help me get ready, she also packed my school bag and kept a tiffin box she had prepared earlier, with a lesson of me not fighting and behaving properly in the school. She asked me to behave as a good girl and I seriously wondered if I was a bad one.

My dearest father took us all with him to drop us at school. He wouldn’t
usually, do this but, this time it was my first day to a new world so maybe he just wanted to assure himself if everything was alright.

To a new world of school, I was a newcomer. The other kids present over there must have been similar to me. They were all of my age group, with a few of them crying out aloud for being left alone by their loving mommies and daddies. Finally, the cry saga came to an end after an hour or so and all the kids were taken to the school ground for the assembly. I could see the swarm of children of varying age groups standing on the ground in similar clothes. This scene popped into my mind a question, ‘where did they all find same clothes?’ that was so silly of me.

They made me stand in a queue and repeat a few lines after a student, which I later realized was a prayer. After the assembly, the regular schedule was moved further. We went to the class to startup with studies. The teacher throughout the year made us all learn the things that I had already learned at home for the entrance at school, except for the rhymes and poems in Hindi and English. I still remember a few of them, including ‘twinkle twinkle,’ ‘jhony jhony’ and ‘jack and jill.’ Slowly as the years passed, I was made to learn new things including tables, spellings, sentences.

Learning those things that seemed to be of no use, I realize the necessity of its usage everytime I do some work. Not just poems, my journey of English began with jumble words, demonstratives, vowels, consonants and articles.

Further, with the years passing by, a swarm of new thing started entering my student life. That tree of English grammar and its those beautiful branches called noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, conjunction and preposition. It was easy to keep them in mind initially. But, as the line goes on, all that glitters is not always gold, and it applies to everyone and everywhere. I happened to realize it quite late that English was not all about the literature and stories sometimes interesting while sometimes not. It was more about the grammar. In fact almost all about the grammar.

The sub-branches to this grammar tree were even complicated and hard to memorize. Being a good student helped me learn to remember those terms and their definitions easily but, their types and the detailed study were not so easy to be by heart. The definitions of those sub-types were even hard. Somehow I learned them and was promoted further to the next grade. Then gradually with the advancement of grades and studies came up the sentence making, rearranging sentences with the longer hours of studies. Teachers would hardly give us a period to enjoy and relax from the hectic schedule of working days.

The days of all play and no work seemed a distant dream. We started to lead a life of workers busy in the school, tuition and homework all day long. The best part of the then days was the friend circle and the enjoyment. Those pampering behavior of the elders towards after our hard work. Those ten line essays and the leave applications that we were supposed to mug up and vomit out the same way on our answer sheets.
I must have been in grade VIII when I first came across the poetic devices including personification, metaphors and similes and alterations. How beautifully did the P.B.Shelly, Shakespeare and Alfred Lord Tennyson and the poets of the romantic era pen their thoughts? These poetic devices till today have been a source in making my writing good enough to be read.Literature was always an interesting thing to read and was also my favorite subject, be it Hindi or English literature.

Soon after the grammar syllabus assigned for us ended, we started to learn the antonyms, synonyms, homonyms and homophones were a new entry to my vocabulary of the English language. I had often wanted to be a writer but, I happened to realize this only after reading a few great authors about how back I stand in this field and how hard I had to work to buck up this gap amidst me and my dream. I realized and was suggested by many of my teachers and seniors about reading novels as much as I can because that would help me in making use of the better vocabulary and writing style.

After I completed my mid- schooling, I realized the fact that the schooling pattern was completely changed. Like the previous years, the schooling now was totally different. Here we now got notes rather than the exact question-answers completely prepared by our dear teachers. By now, despite giving our precious ten years of life to the studies, still, we had no idea of what kind of questions would our exam paper would consist of.

Earlier it would often happen to see us sitting doing nothing in our classrooms and our teachers relaxing after a long day. But, as we know everything that starts must come to an end so, this trend of relaxing in class ended too. We now always had something up on our desks and our teachers standing beside the board with a new lesson on.
Soon after the first year of my high school, I had my tough to stand friendship with the idioms and idiomatic phrases. Then came up the concepts of editing and omitting where I was made to correct the sentences that I already found errorless. I also learned multiple new ways o writing the same things. Here, I also learned about new writing skills other than essays, leave applications, paragraphs etc. Those new to me writing skills included notice writing, message writing, advertisements, article writing, etc. The formal writing skills included a letter to the editor, report writing, and magazine reports.

The toughest thing I learned in the school life in the English subject was
the note made during the 12th grade. It was just not as easy as its name was. For just 10 marks I had to spend more than half an hour constantly writing everything that I understood. These school years seemed to be the ages that I had lived.
Then after the completion of my 12th standard, I had to stay inside my home, with no studies for I had not applied or any competitive exams. Just before a week for my entrance exam for admission in university, I was back to my studious schedule. Those days were all about books and studies with no gala time in hand. Finally, my hard work did reward me the best, I had cleared the entrance exam and was admitted to the University of Allahabad.

I had opted the media studies course for further studies and now here I am, learning the various new aspects of the media world. It here when I first learned a few things I had never even heard about in my entire school life and the best example of it is precise writing.

After the long years of schooling and college students, I now stand here in my campus capable enough to write a report entirely in English.



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