Mushroom Coffee: The Latest Health Food Trend?


“Coffee – the favorite drink of the civilized world.” – Thomas Jefferson. We all love coffee, at least most of us do, it is the one thing that helps us prepare for the day, or for a few morning hours. It helps reduce drowsiness and sedation by inhibiting adenosine (a nervous system depressant). However, along with all of its benefits it also carries a number of side effects, too much caffeine effects cognition, alertness and also athletic performance. But now you can get all the benefits of coffee by simply adding some Mushroom Coffee Mix to your regular coffee.


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Yes, you read that right, Mushroom Coffee Mix. You’re probably imagining the taste of your coffee equivalent to a raw earthly taste, but don’t worry it tastes nothing close to that. Companies such as the Four sigmatic are producing this mushroom mix with the help of medicinal mushroom extracts, in order to give the world the benefits of the medicinal ‘shrooms. The process includes first liquefying and then drying the different kinds of medicinal mushrooms to make an extract which can easily be mixed with regular coffee. As the company claims, their goal is of “cutting through all of the hype and helping people eat more of one of the world’s most scientifically studied superfoods, like mushrooms. We wanted to make these incredibly powerful foods taste better and be easier to use, so that they can be simply incorporated to upgrade your existing habits. In other words, no more fads, no more pills, and no more capsules.”


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The medicinal mushrooms are derived from a various disease-fighting mushrooms. Most common of these ‘Shrooms are:


As we know regular coffee attributes to anxiety and insomnia due to the caffeine content, the addition of mushroom mix has resulted in a more balanced cup of coffee. Therefore, while regular coffee may make you feel wide awake and leave you with jitters, the drinkers and makers claim that it does not make insomnia or anxiety any worse. So, if you like stimulation, here you go without any jitters.

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We all know that mushrooms have a lot of benefits (obviously the legal ones, that is), but can you get all of its possible benefits in an extracted form,mixed in your coffee? Well the answer is yes, here are some of the benefits of adding mushroom to your cup of Joe :

  • ANTICANCER – Some components of mushrooms have proved to have help stimulate the immune system in a way that, certain mushrooms, such as the chaga, appear to have exerted anti-tumor and anti-cancer activities.
  • RICH WITH ANTIOXIDANTS – Mushrooms along with coffee contain high level of antioxidant, therefore a cup of mushroom coffee will just add a double punch of antioxidants and as known, the more antioxidant you receive in your diet the more chances are of you protecting yourself from diseases and health problems.
  • HELPS IN BOOSTING LIVER HEALTH – The reishi mushroom is considered to be full of adaptogens which improves liver function and helps in warding off liver diseases by flushing out toxins from the body in an efficient way.
  • BETTER FOCUS, WITHOUT JITTERS – It is true that caffeine can improve focus but it also produces a lot of jitters, but mushroom coffee can provide the same benefit of focus without any jitters due to the medicinal mushroom extract.

However, it is advisable for the ones who are mushroom intolerant or have allergy and also who have known autoimmune diseases, to check with your physician before trying mushroom coffee, since the stimulate the immune system, it might as well effect the medication provided for the disease or just worsen your allergy.


Mushroom coffee is slowly intriguing the world, thereby adding a new option to the world of health beverage and especially for the types who need some more health benefits in regard to their coffee or looking for a better way of getting away with the coffee jitters. According to reviews, people are not only enjoying Mushroom Coffee but also claim to have felt the health benefits. They feel energetic and focused without being shaky. Needless to say, Mushroom coffee does contain a certain amount of coffee and therefore must be taken in moderation.

So, would you consider trying a cup of mushroom coffee? Do let me know!

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