MP: Distribution of fruit plants with gas connection under Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme


Efforts are being made to improve the environment at many places in Madhya Pradesh. In this order, fruit plants are also being given where the gas connections are being distributed under the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme. Work of environment improvement is also being done by the Sarpanch of Kohak-Manegaon village Panchayat of Seoni district. In the village, Prime Minister Ujjwala gave a gas connection to 65 women and two fruit plants were also given. So far, 497 women have been given plants with gas connections.

According to Umaria’s Mamta, Anita, Rajeshwari, Ramaratri, Bhopal’s Maya Malaviya, Rajadai Bai of Temagaon of Harda says that getting a gas connection in the plan has fulfilled the old desire. With ease, the work has got rid of smoke and wood picking.

Ujjawala scheme brought happiness and peace in the house of Reformed Baga of Barabspur village of Anuppur district. In the family of Sudrut, there are many daughters and grandchildren. Given this gas connection, this big family has started eating food from time to time. Sudhart says that rain does not have to be used for picking wood in kitchen-kitchen and filling the smoke in the house has got rid of the problems of old age and children.



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