Movie Review: Poorna

  • Navneel Maji

The movie portrays the story of Poorna Malavath – the youngest girl to summit the highest peak in the world, also one of the dangerous. Such real-life stories are the inscriptions of possibilities that we humans have as potential. Malavath – coming from the dirt-poor Adivasi background, from a Telangana village where most girls are married just past puberty – had shaken the world with her accomplishment.

Often a movie such terrific as these can create in every part a hagiographic one, only to patronize the protagonist over and over. However, Poorna stays away from such pitfalls. The experience brings us closer to the sentimentality and struggle that went behind all the apparent triumphant – making it such a satisfying one. However, there are some parts that are not as satisfying.

The interaction between senior bureaucrats, played by the laidback Dhritimaan Chatterjee and the too-huffy Heeba Shah, and Rahul Bose who plays Praveen Kumar – the cop with a conscience who spots the talent in Poorna, comes off stilted, strewn with dialogues not fitting to the picture.

Still, the film as a whole was able to pull off great scenes and visuals that we certainly want to watch that again and again. Not to mention the deep-seated patriarchy (girl-child) was shown very clearly. How in spite all these years a large majority of people are still living in reclusive parts of the country.

Hence, it is not a journey of a girl reaching the top of the mountain, it is about a young girl child breaking the shackles of society’s norms and beliefs and coming forward along with all the people that have supported in her journey.

The movie got great ratings from all sources, and clearly in the league of one of the best movies ever made for this year.

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