Mourns from Tamil Nadu – Death of Kalaingar!


“I MYSELF DO NOT KNOW FROM WHICH YEAR MY POST RETIREMENT ERA STARTS”, these words is echoing in every inch Tamil Nadu. DR.M. Karunanidhi, Former chief minister owns these words. Level confidence echoes in his words. To be more appropriate, He is “One Man Army”. He is the complete “Master Mind” in the political field.

More than calling him Karunanidhi, people call him, “Kalaignar”. Before entering into politics, his pen played every possible magic as it can do. The word kalaignar means “Scholar of arts”. His contributions towards Tamil literature and his screenplay in Tamil industry titled this frame to him. He has written Kuraloviam for Thirukural, Tholkaappiya Poonga, Poombukar, as well as many poems, essays and books. Karunanidhi has also contributed to the Tamil language through art and architecture.

The books written by Karunanidhi include Sanga Thamizh, Thirukkural Urai, Ponnar Sankar, Romapuri Pandian, Thenpandi Singam, Vellikizhamai, Nenjukku Needhi, Iniyavai Irubathu and Kuraloviam.

When you see on his political achievement, he has been Chief Minister for 5 times and 12 times MLA. And one to be noted, He won every election he stood as an MLA.

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                                                         The Kalaingar – We Will Miss You!

Last month on 28 he was admitted due to his low blood pressure but, later on, July 29 Kauvery hospital announced that he is responding better to the treatment and condition is stable. But, by August 6, there was the sudden decline in his condition and but August 7, hospital stated he is “Extremely critical” and “Unstable”. And by 6:10 hospital announced the “Death of great leader, Dr. Kalaingar”.

A government statement said it was ‘unable to allot space at Marina beach owing to several pending cases in the Madras high court and legal complications’. Issue is still on the argument.

Karunanidhi’s boosting words “En uyirinum melana kazhaga udanpirappugaley (my dear brothers in the arty who are are above my life),” Triggers every of his party people and motivates them.


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