Motorola’s Patent For Foldable Smartphones Approved.


Motorola, The Chinese phone maker which is owned by LENOVO had filed the patent for foldable smartphones back in September 2016 with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation). Motorola device that unfolds out to form a tablet is the main idea behind filing the patent.

What will the device look like? 

There’s a main camera at the top and a speaker at the bottom. The hinge in the middle will allow the regular sized smartphone to be unfolded to a full sized tablet, thus featuring two screens that can be interacted with. It includes a rectangular screen that can be folded like a phone or unfolded to work like a tablet. The phone patent shows a flexible display that wraps around a hinge along with a cover that can protect the display or prop the phone up like a tent.

“What makes this one a bit more interesting, however, is not the phone itself but the addition of a case cover that actually adds some value to the device,” the report added.

With manufacturers like Apple, Microsoft all are reported to work on their on foldable smartphone designs and Motorola also joining the league. It is also reported that LENOVO was heard of working on foldable designs for 3-4 years. The new patent also resembles LENOVO’s yoga laptop feature as it will be flexible and can be converted to tab or Phone.

The key feature that will set it apart from other manufacturer’s foldable phone patents will be the case cover with wireless charging support.

During Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, It was already announced by the LENOVO CEO that Motorola will be focussing on foldable smartphone technology in the coming months.

All these tech giants working on their own set of designs for the foldable phones, it seems as if foldable smartphones will be the next thing to catch the attention of the tech-savvy generation.


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