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  1. Congress, Rahul responsible for not having passed three Divorce Bill: BJP

BJP on Friday denied Congress president Rahul Gandhi for not getting Parliament’s approval for the three divorced legislation in the monsoon session and said that his party supported it in the Lok Sabha but did not do it in the Rajya Sabha due to vote bank politics.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar said that the government tried to ensure that the bill was passed by the last moment, but the Congress obstructed its passage. He said, “Unfortunately, the Congress and its President, Rahul Gandhi, did not allow the three divorced legislators to ensure gender justice.”

He said that Modi government is committed to the welfare of Muslim women. Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the Congress has exposed today, the party wanted to halt the passing of this important bill only. He said, “It is very unfortunate and sad that more than 300 women after the Supreme Court’s decision It has been divorced and this bill was very important but there are some other priorities of the opposition. ”

The Union Cabinet has approved the provision for bail granted to the convicted person in the bill, in the bill. Three divorces will remain illegal at one time and for this, the husband can be sentenced to three years’ jail. One of the demands of opposition parties was to add to the provision of bail in this bill. Now magistrates will be granted bail.

  1. Nature wiped out woes in Kerala, army engaged in relief and rescue work

Kerala is called God’s Own Country or God’s own country or place of residence. But nowadays there is no God’s grace, but it is roaming the horror of nature. For the past two days, there are constant rains in Kerala. Because of that, the situation has worsened there. There have been floods in many areas, land erosion, roads have been broken and water has entered the houses of people. In Kerala, there has been such a devastation in the rain that all the three organs of the army ie Army, Air Force, and Navy have been engaged in relief and rescue work.

For the help of Kerala, the Central Government is in constant touch with the State Government and neighboring states have also started getting help from Kerala. Now you can understand how dangerous the situation has been. So if you or any of your friends or relatives are thinking of going to Kerala, they should postpone their trip for the time being. Because of the bad weather, you can get trapped there too. Due to heavy rains and landslides in Kerala, 29 people have died so far. This rain, which has been in the last two days, has broken records of 50 years. There have been three times more rain than average in 24 hours. Kerala’s Idukki, Wayanad, Mallapuram, and Aluva are the most affected. Due to this rain, there are 54 thousand people homeless.

There are 58 dams in Kerala, and 24 of them have exceeded their maximum level. Therefore the shutters of these 24 dams have been opened. All 5 gates of Idukki Dam of Kerala have been opened for the first time since 26 years. Now, every 6 seconds of this dam is falling in the Periyar river due to which the river has flooded.

Nearly 800 army personnel in Kerala are engaged in rescue work. We have also got some videos of army relief work. Seeing these videos, you will be proud of these soldiers of the country. Where the roads were broken, these soldiers immediately made temporary bridges from fallen trees. And without losing time, saved the lives of people. Apart from this, the Navy has also been kept on alert. 150 Navy personnel have been asked to be prepared for any situation. Apart from the Navy and the Army, the Air Force is also engaged in relief work. Air Force has installed two helicopter rescue operations.

  1. CHRA seeks from the government to do e-cigarette ban before doing research

The organization that promotes e-cigarette content, CHRA and AVI appeal to not prohibit electronic nicotine supply mechanism (IND), saying that by this million of people who smoke will be deprived of safe options and the health of people It is possible. Council for Harmed Reduction Alternative (CHRA) and Association of Vendors India (AVI) has demanded that the government take evidence-based study before banning indies and vapors. The organization has said that compared to an e-cigarette, tobacco cigarettes Less harmful and also rid of nicotine addiction.

It has been said that people with Weeping have a less risk of passive smoking. CHRA  Director, Samrat Chaudhary said that with regulatory permission for the use of e-cigarettes in countries like the US, EU, and the UK, positive results came. In recent years smoking rates have declined in these countries. AVI said that the main cause of smoking death worldwide is the toxic chemicals and tar produced from burning cigarettes, not nicotine.

The Union Health Ministry is planning to issue advice to all states on the health hazards of e-cigarette. However, there is still the suspicion about the fact that under which legal provisions it should be banned. It is mentioned in the consultation that e-cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), nicotine and aroma or flavored hookah are extremely harmful to health and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has not approved them in any form. According to the recommendations of an expert group, any true or squeeze or its chemical form of non-diabetic nicotine and any kind of e-cigarette advertising, including imports, production, distribution, sale and online promotion, are illegal and violation of existing laws.

A senior official of the ministry said, “The public will be advised that they should not use, sell or market any of such products in any of their products and from any name or brand in their own interest.” According to the Health Ministry, it is confused about the fact that e-cigarettes should be restricted under cigarette and other tobacco products act (KotPa) or drugs and cosmetics Law, under 1940 or the Toxic Substances Act, 1919 should be banned on these.

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