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  1. BJP will celebrate Social Justice Pakkhada from August 15 to 30

The BJP will celebrate ‘Social Justice Pakkhada’ from August 15 to 30, and ‘Social Justice Week’ from 1 to 9 August next year. It will be organized in the celebration of Parliament’s approval of the Bill to give constitutional status to the National Backward Classes Commission.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced this in a meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Party. He said that the current monsoon session of Parliament will be known as social justice and social harmony session.

After the meeting, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar said that in the meeting, the Prime Minister also cited the passage of the bill in the Lok Sabha to strengthen the law against atrocities against Dalits. Kumar said that during the current monsoon session, he expressed the possibility of passing it in the Rajya Sabha. The monsoon session ends on August 10.

During this, Modi recalled the speech given after BJP’s victory in 2014, in which he had said that his government would be dedicated to the village, the poor and the backward classes, and this bill reflects this commitment. Kumar said, “A historic bill has passed and there is a possibility of another passage in next one or two days.”

Party leaders have said that the Prime Minister emphasized his government’s commitment to social justice and social harmony. One source said that he also mentioned the August Revolution on this occasion and the Quit India Movement started by Mahatma Gandhi in 1942. In this perspective, underlining the historical significance of the bill passed in this month in Parliament.  BJP leaders have been advised to contact the people between August 15 to Aug. 30 to inform about the importance of the bill.

2. Karunanidhi’s funeral in Chennai today, PM Modi  will visit Chennai to pay homage

DMK President M. Karunanidhi died on Tuesday evening at Kaveri Hospital in Chennai. For several days, his condition remained serious. The bulletin of the hospital confirmed his death. A wave of mourning has raged in Tamil Nadu while hearing the news of Karunanidhi’s death. At 6.10 pm, 94-year-old Karunanidhi breathed last. A big era of Tamil Nadu politics has come to an end as soon as Karunanidhi goes. He was admitted to Kaveri Hospital last 11 days. All political parties and leaders of the country, including the President, Prime Minister, have condoled their demise. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described his departure as a big loss for the country’s politics.

His supporters outside the Cauvery hospital in Chennai have been assembled. The crowd of people is increasingly growing. Given the crowd of supporters, strict security arrangements have been made. In addition to the hospital, apart from Karunanidhi’s house, security personnel have been deployed in large numbers. The DMK chief was admitted to Kaveri Hospital for the first time on 18th July. The situation of the DMK leader deteriorated on July 28 due to a fall in blood pressure and he was admitted to the hospital. He was in the hospital since then.

The body of Karunanidhi will be taken from Kaveri Hospital here to his hometown, Gopalapuram. After this, the body of the body will be kept in Rajaji Hall for the people’s vision. His funeral will take place on Wednesday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be leaving for Chennai to pay homage to him.

Karunanidhi was Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu 5 times and he has been MLA for 60 years continuously. He is called an ‘invincible’ MLA of Indian politics. He was famous as ‘Dravid Warrior’ and ‘Kalaignar’.

3. The United States banned Iran and said that the trade would give ‘serious consequences’

The US has again imposed strict sanctions on Iran. These restrictions were removed after the Multilateral Nuclear Agreement. In May, American President Donald Trump announced the ousting of US nuclear deal. In the first phase of US sanctions, Iran has been targeted for access to American currency and other major industries including cars and carpets. Iran is already facing the impact of the ban. Since his announcement of an exit from the deal, the value of his currency riyal remained about halfway.

Trump has termed it as a “terrible, one-sided deal” while targeting the nuclear deal.
Trump, once again targeting the nuclear deal, has termed it “a terrible, unilateral deal”. He said that this agreement has failed to achieve the fundamental purpose of blocking all the routes to make Iran’s nuclear bomb. In an executive order issued yesterday, Trump said that financial pressure has been put on Iran for the development of missile and “comprehensive and permanent solution” of “fatal” activities in the region. European Union diplomatic leader Federica Mogrini said that the rest of the group, including Britain, France, and Germany, have regretted the ban on the US again.

Many big companies are going out of Iran due to the fear of US fines. Trump has warned companies and companies that continue to trade with Iran to suffer “serious consequences”. The second phase of US sanctions will be effective from November 5 and will look at Iranian crude oil sales.

This situation will cause extreme damage to many countries like India, China, and Turkey. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Jawad Jarif said that this move of the troupe has made America “isolated” in the world. However, he believed that some restrictions may arise from the restrictions.

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