Morning Blues

Morning Blues
  • Kimberly Okesalako

In the “Morning Blues” The rain pelted against the window-pane harshly, the wind screaming loudly as it shook the trees making them hit the attic window. This was one of those days where getting up for college was close to impossible. Even after having a full nine hour of sleep, I still felt tired and drowsy. My bedroom door was open letting me know that my mom had been in to visit me this morning will I still was asleep, nothing creepy about that. The clanking of pots and pans could be heard through the house as if a competition of what could be the loudest was going on, the rain, the wind or the pans. The radio was on in the kitchen, the static going off like crazy due to the storm. An emergency broadcast came up suddenly causing mom to go quite downstairs. Due to the storm schools and colleges are closed for the next three days.

The one thing every student lives to hear, and yet, I couldn’t bring myself to feel any sort of excitement. At that moment the only thing that sounded amazing was to remain curled up in my bed, under my humungous quilt and listen to the rain hit the windows. My room being on the first floor gave me a clear view of the sky. It reminded me of when I was little and used to be afraid of the storms. I would run to my parent’s room only to have my dad take me back to mine and tuck me in. every single time he would tell me the same story, “ don’t be scared, it is just the angels up in heaven having an argument on who gets to be your guardian angel”. After which we would sneak downstairs to the kitchen and make me a mug of hot chocolate with exactly five marshmallows bouncing around in it. The sneaking part was mainly for my mom’s benefit but she finally caught us. This carried on for a few years until I reached 13 and felt like I was a grown up.

Thinking about all this made me crave a nice mug of hot chocolate, but I was too lazy to get up. As if my guardian angels (yes, I used the plural) heard my prayers my mom came up the stairs and I could smell the chocolate that I knew she was bringing for me. One of the advantages of having my brother away for college is that I didn’t have to fight with anyone in the mornings for the bathroom or even the last piece of bacon before classes started. I knew for a fact he would have shown mom is “puppy eyes”, his words, and take the mug from her, even though he hates drinking it. One can call it sibling rivalry, that doesn’t seem to be ending soon. Tightening the quilt around me I rose up and backed up to the bed rest waiting for my mom to come to my room, sighing I looked out the window as the storm got harsher. Somewhere at the back of my mind I could feel myself begin to worry, dad wasn’t back home yet, and no matter how much I say I hate my brother, Nathan was still my brother and he was supposed to be coming home later in the evening for the weekend. But with this storm, it looked like he would be staying an entire week and no matter how much I like to crib to my dad when he is home; I knew I would still miss him.

As I rested on the bed rest, I could hear Luciel shifting on the bed as he tried to get himself comfortable around me; Luciel was a mixture of a husky and a wolf that my grandfather had got me one Christmas nearly five years back. It had made Nathan jealous as hell but he got a truck so he couldn’t really complain. Luciel became my visible guardian angel and even came with mom when she came to pick me up from school, sitting right outside the gates. The campus officials finally got fed up with asking me to stop that from happening. It appeared that Luciel listened to no one when he wants to. Completely silver in colour and bigger than your average husky, many people get scared when they see him, and just like me, he is very lazy on a rainy day. However, this storm seemed to be creating an extra ambience of gloom which both of us refused to get out of. Mom had brought in my mug of hot chocolate and left after given both Luciel and me a kiss on our heads. Sighing, I finished off my mug and went back to lying down, cuddling up to Luciel and listening to the storm. I made sure to keep my ears open and listen to what was happening downstairs in case dad came home early. The rain, becoming a lullaby soon became sorting for me to remain awake anymore no matter how much I fought it. I ended up falling asleep with Luciel as my pillow while waiting for both dad and Nathan to make it back home in this rain.




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