Monsoon Troubles The Indian Citizens


The monsoon once again succeeds in creating a havoc for the Indian citizens. Yet again the Indian monsoon was seen continuing the lash in the Indian-continent. As per the reports, June 26th’s evening witnessed the heavy rain to be a reason for trouble and inconvenience for the citizens in Metropolitan Mumbai.

The city yesterday, experienced a heavy magnitude of 9 inches plus rain. This heavy rain was the reason behind the inconvenience of the transportation mediums in the city throughout the day. The roads became a synonym of traffic the previous day, the railways struggled to keep the schedule right but, failed and more than 30 flights were delayed due to heavy rain.

A multi-story building had its parking area caved in under the ground where at least 15 cars were found damaged below the debris. There were also many accidents reported in the city due to monsoon shower.

Valsad, Gujarat also suffered heavy rainfalls of a heavy magnitude of 25 inches in just 30 hours. West Bengal was nowhere left behind in the race of receiving extremely heavy rainfall. The weather forecasters, informed about the heavy rainfalls in the few regions of Maharashtra and Gujarat for the coming few days. The shower intensity is likely to increase in the coming few days.

The heavy rainfalls are believed to be due to cyclonic circulations on both over the North Konkan and South Gujarat and over the Bay of Bengal. The rain lashes in the regions of Konkan, Mumbai, and Gujarat are likely to increase on June 27 and 28, the officials from Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted.

The IMD reports for June 26 say that rain and thunders might occur in the regions of Konkan-Goa, a few places over the West Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Marathwada and many Gujarat regions and over a few places over Kutch and Saurashtra.

The Monsoon this year was believed to be average. Skymet Weather Forecast predicted a probability of 20 per cent for the more than normal rainfall. The Southwest monsoon in the last few days, advanced in the regions of Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand. Conditions, for now, are appearing to be favourable for the southwest monsoon.

There are a few regions in the country where the rainfall level is lower than the average. 9 states of the country witnessed more than average rainfall, 16 states had less than an average level of rainfall while 11 states had received a normal level of rainfall in the last 25 days.

The major states to receive low rainfall include:

Uttar Pradesh
Gujarat and


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