Momo Challenge knock out in India after Blue Whale Challenge


This is a deadly game that is based on WattsApp. Like the Blue Whale Challenge, children also get realistic tasks. On the WattsApp, people have a message from a number of foreigners. If you save the number on WhatsApp contact, you see a dangerous picture profile. According to media reports, Momo’s profile was first seen on Facebook. The face of the idol exhibited in the museum in Japan in 2016 shows the face in the profile picture.

This game, based on challenges and people, is based on Conspiracy Theory. This dangerous game is becoming viral fast enough through social media and in many parts of the world people have panicked because of this game.

After the Blue Whale, a new game Momo WhatsApp Challenge is also becoming fatal. The news of the first death in India from this dangerous game came out of Ajmer from Rajasthan. Here in the Momo game, a 10-year-old student committed suicide. According to the news, the student killed the first hand after three days of her birthday and then hanged her. This is the reason that the rules of the Momo Challenge game in the history of the student found in the student’s mobile and the marks on his body are being expressed.

The 15-year-old student, studying in class 10, had committed suicide on July 31, three days after her birthday. However, after the continued investigation, the matter of a schoolgirl’s life has come to light due to the Momo Challenge. The rules of the Momo Challenge and image of the image in the browser’s browser history are pointing to this. Let me tell you, as in the Blue Whale Game, children were given a lot of challenges to complete their many challenges and finally to kill themselves. Similarly, in the Momo Challenge, the last task is to kill himself. The image hanged herself three days after her birthday. In the suicide note found in the imaging room, she had written that she wanted to die only on her birthday.

  • Children are easily trapped in the trap of this dangerous game and because of this, the game is spreading rapidly among the children. In such a situation, parents need to pay special attention to the children. Parents can save some of the precautions from trapping their children from this dangerous game.
  • Keep an eye on the activities of your children on social media accounts. What are they writing, what kind of posts are sharing? Check it regularly.
  • Keep your mobile phone safe through antivirus. This will pop up from suspicious link opening. Facebook, messenger, and WhatsApp will also be protected from anti-virus protection.
  • Keep a special note that you and your child will get the names of people familiar to the contact list of the phone and also have the facility of the public to keep the phone safe.
  • If you see abnormal changes in the behavior of your children, then pay more attention to them.



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