If someone gets molest by a person then it’s not a fault of accuse because nobody wants to get molested he must be a rowdy, illiterate or low-level guy and they should learn how to behave with women and proper should be given to those type of persons. Such people should get a legal notice or strict law should be made to give proper security to women . there are several kinds of personality exist in the world.

On 9 Dec Zara Waseem was molested by a man in a flight a passenger molested her and she shared a video on twitter as well and that accident shook the whole Bollywood industry many actors criticized and told that such types of incident could be very humiliating for a girl and the entire country showed anger that we should learn to respect women they are an essential part of our life .

We look forward to finding out adverse effects of molestation and it might ruin anyone life so girls should learn how to tackle that kind of situation. women are an important of our life so respect them and that all we can expect from a person and don’t try to be judgemental because we cannot raise finger at her by a cloth she wears. It shows the personality of women.

If we talk about legal help so government assists women in many ways as there are so many acts exist to protect girls and at the same time they get justice and the immediate action takes by the government.


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