Quest for Modern India : A distant dream

Beautiful Indian Flag

Modern Indian Approach

In this 21st century of India, the technological innovation and modernization have encapsulated the ever-changing mindset of human beings. We are living in an era where one can get their problems solved via Google. Where one shares his/her feelings via Facebook, where one can book movie tickets through his smart phone and where one gives more importance to the virtual world rather than real world.

A long road ahead

But, still we Indians are lagging way behind when it comes to our behavior towards our own property. We are the same Indians who used to call out the hotel managers for poor services but at the same time, we fail to maintain the cleanliness of that same hotel. Though we used to teach our kids to maintain cleanliness at homes we are the ones who used to throw garbage out of car window. There is no use of development in our country if it is not to be appreciated by us.

Tejas Express Vandalised
Image Source: Tejas Vandalized

The maiden run of Tejas Superfast Express is a clear example of “Why we Indians don’t deserve good things”. The train covered a 552-km journey from Mumbai to Goa within nine hours at 200 kph. It was reported that at least a dozen of headphones was stolen and scratches were made on LCD screens and even the glass was broken. This is how we react when a new infrastructure is launched in our country. Though this is not the first time we let our India down. When the Coldplay concert happened in Mumbai, the message was about unity and cleanliness. However, the crowd left a massive amount of trash all over the concert ground.

Modern India: A Hope

This clearly shows how reluctant we are to learn from our previous mistakes. At one point we are so proud of our cultures and rituals. But at the same time, we tend to spit on the walls of our historical and cultural monuments. India is a fast growing developing country. But are we worthy of all those development? We may become a developed country but it’s highly doubtful whether our mindsets will ever be developed. Its high time now where we have to learn basic ethics and values to respect our national property. It’s upon us now if we want our India to be viewed as beautiful as heaven.

Modern India
Image Source: Modern approach


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