There are one or two well-chosen mobile devices where the workforce carries and manages easily and effectively with a single platform. Assuming with the emerging industry, we examine that managing diverse mobile device prompts with the mutiny of the workforce. The mobile device as the name suggests the policy of permitting employees to bring personally owned mobile devices to their workplace which also uses a device to access the privileged company information and applications. In 2009, it is recognized as increasing its employees with their own devices to work and connect them to work.

Device Diversity

At no time long ago, the end users client device was the predictable component of IT infrastructure. Either a desktop or laptop which runs Windows configured IT department’s specifications. It was simple enough for the IT department to exert centralized control over the devices when used. The success of the I-phone and I-pad means that users have powerful devices with interfaces they actually enjoy using. The growth of sophistication, portability and energy performance of devices enables more mobile workforce which leads to productivity enhancements, operational efficiency, and improved customer performance and also means that the network through which employees access corporate systems is unpredictable.

There are 5 reasons where companies need Mobile Application Management:-

1. Apps and people.
2. Protect Corporate Data regardless of Device Ownership.
3. Maintain User Privacy.
4. Simplify a multi-platform Headache.
5. Expand mobility to the Extended Enterprise.

With this, there are three key mobile success factors to include,
  1. Support device diversity.
  2. Simple onboarding Process.
  3. Separate work from Personal.


Mobile device management is crucial for IT department with an increasing number of smartphones and media tablets within organizations.MDM has tight coordination between the security and operations. Organizations decide whether a heavyweight or lightweight approach is appropriate for them including device ownership, security, compliance, application delivery and device usability.



There is a warning provided by Gartner with unexpected consequences of bringing your own device (BYOD), where the lines of business or even executive level staff green lights personally owned devices within the enterprise. BYOD can triple the size of its enterprise workforce and also gets their work done at any time from any location.

There is a bulletproof policy which merely has the first step and with IT leaders required to review these are the policies which need to adapt. To review these policies is one thing which enforces with another and also IT needs to gain complete transparency, insight, and with control over enterprise applications able to support – and secure – the business.



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