Missing Friend


My heart cries,
As my friend is no more mine.
My heart sighs,
As a friend has gone by.
Gone by, as far as she could;
As far as possible.
But my heart still waits for her.
Will she come?
Will she come?
Or is it all about our friendship?
Will she ever talk?
Will she sing me songs?
Or is this the final end?

We walked together,
The hills and heavens.
But now alone, she walked her way.
At times, we died of laughter,
But now she left me crying
In the middle of the lain.
Oh no, my friend!
I know you feel the same.
I know you wanna talk to me,
Hold my hand and walk again.
I know we can go on,
Till the end.
Please don’t let our moments
Go in vain.
Oh, my friend!
Oh, my dear friend!

I’m still waiting there,
Waiting where you left.
The smile on my face
Has not faded away.
Still, I feel the pain.
Hey pal! Please come back,
Please come again,
Yes, once again..



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