Venezuela this beautiful Latin American nation which is known for producing more Miss World than any other nation in the globe and nation is the largest oil reserves and whose population is well educated too undergoing the ugliest political calamity where 32 millions of Venezuelans are malnourished and without the basic medicine’s, including antibiotics power and equipment, this humanitarian crisis is the result of dogged, selfish and mulish greed of power by their President Nicolas Maduro who is asked to be quit as nations head by the brave challenger and opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

Mr Maduro who is now speculated to already board a flight to Cuba is ruling Venezuela since 2013 and just on January 10th he swore himself president for the second term in the Venezuelan capital Cascaras , but 2 weeks later in another corner of the Caracaras in the sunny afternoon 32 year lawmaker named Juan Guaido gathered with his supporter’s and proclaimed that he now nation new President stood himself with a promise he will rule country and make into right direction. Now, this makes a situation where one nation has 2 Presidents repeating the same remember Sri Lanka months back.


Turning clock back last from the Point when Venezuelan people elected Mr.Muduro as the president but his choice proved disasters for the country, everything baffled due to his authoritarian style of ruling where country currency collapses , people out of money from their hands they made to spend much more than they earn and save , hospitals out out basic supplies like medicines and equipments, regime tuned Venenzula which having world Largest oil reverse into great deep catastrophic state and continued this Chavismo created by la ruler Hugo Chavez until his death in 2013.

But Maduro again asked Venezuelans to give him one more term of Presidency but this time people responded by giving him the all the blame for everything that wrong happened with him, this makes impossible for him to get back in power in the very rare to rare circumstances and elected as next president but the night of election day turned everything around he emerged as winner under unbelievable possibilities.

But nature he won the election is a big suspicious thing and cannot be a digest reality as the per polls showed 80% of the country population just sick of him, this gives an edge to world to doubt on him first started with neighbours countries like Chile, Costa Rica, Paraguay and then finally U.S too said they will not recognizes Maduro as the legitimate President of the country.

As wondered who is then left to oppose him and dare to stand against this nasty this personnel because Maduro trashed the opposition with the regular arrests and detaining them and he cracked down every possible protest where opposition leaders seen fled to other countries to save from detaining while in the process Maduro continued to rule and to swear as the president on January 10th for next more 6 years.

But voices were started to come up as opposition in the national assembly used some articles from the Constitution which prohibits Maduro from illegally getting into power and opposition lead By Juan Guaido to accept him as president claimng he didn’t won the election even.

Under the consitutional mechanism in Venezuela, the national asssmely have to be take control and the president of the assembly is Juan Guaido 35 year old law maker who never heard even in mainstream politics. Guaido got the boost in power and able to stood against Maduro is due to  the US backing where moments after he declared himself as President, American Vice President Mike Pence came up supported and recognize him as President



As America backed Guaido Presidency the answer to this Russia too jumped into the ongoing fire and took opposite side backing now Maduro as President along with Turkey. As Venezuelan large oil rivers are in the eyes of everyone Russia don’t want to let this opportunity to go and keep on strengthening its influence over this Latin American nation resulting into a new wave of cold war. The situation will testing of Donald Trump too as overreacting on in this matter will be self-harm only,  national security advisor John Balton advised not use troops or any milliary action in the Venezuelan fire.

But U.S used the smart way by putting sanctions on Venezuelan oil exports and imports by ordering that the U.S ensured the payments of oil should be in bank accounts Guaido side government may turn Venezuelan Military who right now seen with Maduro may turn in for Gauido support.

But for Venezuelan people its time for change, Maduro with a dictatorship style government made millions of Venezuelans suffers and force them to flee, if Maduro go there have to be someone to take charge and now Guaido is the only hope for the nation with uncertain future and unprecedented fate but all Maduro have to go to get out soon.


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