It is said that the mirror shows us who we are, it is where we can see our reflection, ourselves as we are. But is it so? Thinking about it, the mirror shows us the opposite of who we are. Doesn’t the mirror show us the reverse of who we are? If we are left handed doesn’t it show us as right handed? Than how can we believe a mirror?

Duality resides in everything, in every aspect of our life. So here is a poem that shows or talks about the duality that resides within us, as if we are looking into a mirror and talking to ourselves.

Here I sit to write

A tale about you and me.

About you I know little

About me – do I know it all?

I thought I knew

But now not so sure.


Who do I write about?

The me I know I can be

Or the me you want me to be?

I really don’t know

What will this tale be like

Will it be shrades of our fragmented selves?

Or will it be a complete tale of



Doubts, mystery, unknown history

These are the facts I know now

I know I need to remove the shroud

To write the tale I want to.

But then –

Who will help me to push the door?

The door which leads to you,

The door which leads to me,

To expose your unknown self to all.


You know you want to

But it seems you are afraid

Just like in my case.


I don’t think I will be able to complete this tale.

It will remain incomplete….

Half – known, half – unknown,

Just like you and me.




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