Memories-Good or Bad?

Hey, you…!!!

Yes, you pretty lady/handsome boy…how have you been?
I am sure more awesome and more kind than you were yesterday…
Are you nostalgic today..? if not get ready to.
When nostalgia hits, everything else just stops and we happen to open the bottle of memories, which pours like wine, Crimson and bittersweet.


Nostalgia is all about memories,Memories that gets sweetened through ages just like OLD WINE.
Sometimes we just don’t appreciate the moment until and unless it becomes a memory, it doesn’t require a special occasion or celebration to create a memory, all it needs is you.
Now, memory is never alone, it always comes in kind, say kinds of memory. When i say all it require to create a memory is you, it has to be what kind of you..???
A happy you, A sad you , depressed you, enthusiastic you…..which you?

Whichever “you”, you chose to be…!!! and that version of you will be there in that moment, years after in memory,and up to the length of time over which recollection Extends.

Kinds Of Memory…!!!

Color , color…which color..??

Sometimes just a random Golawala passing by you will give you a sudden wistful affection for a period in the past, that era of childhood where the only thing that mattered most  was color of gola...“Kala khatta or rose ??”…….”no no-no uncle aap to muje mix kar ke do, muje sab chahiye….”

As we grow up, even the Memories grow up.

For some , Memories warm up them from Inside, but at the same time it can even tear them apart….that’s because memory never come alone , always in kinds of.
For few their past beats inside them like a second heart, while for others its just collection of data which can be retrieved any time they wish .Not everyone in the world has great memories or great moments.
Sometime just looking at mirror , and while counting mole on your face, you suddenly notice that big scar on your face, and that sudden rush of adrenaline takes you to the place where you never wanted to visit, not even in memories.

To all those people , for whom Past and memories are nightmare,

Why  don’t you  want to be there?…..What scares you..?

Those scars..? or those memories..?

Have a look at this Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah,

“Because of the past, so many people are living in the past! No one is free from the past, but we are free to choose to move from the past into the present or stay in the past, though we live in the present!”.

I hope that helps, You can decide what you want to be in your life, Prisoner of Your own past or Architect of your future..

That scar on your face does not signify your weakness, it just shows how strongly you stood in front of those who thought they could break you.
That scar shows that you fought with those demons, you just didn’t stand there and watched them, you fought..otherwise there may won’t be any scar physically but your soul would have been wounded,Invisible to others but tearing you , inside you.

Embrace your scars and remind yourself that you were strong once, you are strong now, you will be stronger forever.
Let that scar intimidate to those who think they can own you, those who think they can overpower you, those who think that they can control you in the name of protection.
Show them you don’t need protection from those scumbags who can’t even control their own bloody thoughts on seeing short skirt or an off-shoulder top.

You are just wounded by that Scar, not lost. Let me tell you pal, the wound is the place where light enters you. These scars have a strange power to remind us that our past is real.
And trust me, scars are just another kind of memory nothing else. Don’t get panic when your hand suddenly stops at that scar, cuddle it, it is the only thing that didn’t abandoned you ….not in good times not in bad times, keeping you grounded.
When you look at those scars, see it as a courage, courage such as a person who was trying to cope up with something horrible that he/she never have had to live through at all. Yes, they do show your pain and sufferings but don’t they also show your will to survive???

If in life , at any turn, even for once just once you feel heavy and worried or tensed about those scars, remember those children who show scars like medals, a lover who use them for secrets to be revealed , and Remember the proudest persons of the world, SOLDIERS..

Real heroes

They don’t hide them neither they do regret, they reveal it with uttermost pride in the world.

Your Yesterday, today and tomorrow are your Memories,Moments and Magic.


Where you have been yesterday , let it be in your memories.

Where you are right now are your moments, Live it before it becomes memory
Where you will be tomorrow..?…nah…don’t think about that, let it surprise you and wait for the Magic.


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