Mehr Tarar Weds Shashi Tharoor ? Relax ! It Isn’t Going To Happen


Pakistani columnist Mehr Tarar went up against trolls for falling for a spoof account that guaranteed she is before long to wed Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. “#Breaking : Wedding chimes for #ShashiTharoor all set to wed #MehrTarar in Dubai.- Sources” — a twitter handle @CNNNewsI8 had tweeted.

Citing the phony tweet, Tarar stated: “What’s clever is that individuals have really responded to a news from a satire account with 66 devotees. Stunning what individuals are prepared to trust nowadays without even essential confirmation… ”

The record, scarcely a couple of days old, has only 11 tweets (at the season of distributing), this one being the second. After Tarar tweeted, it changed its handle to @CNNNews69 and settled its profile to peruse: ‘Finish Parody, Fake, Not related with any News or CNN News 18’ The client additionally retweeted Tarar’s tweet, trusting no claims comes its direction.

Among the individuals who fell for the phoney tweet was BJP MP Subramanian Swamy who retweeted the tweet and later tweeted ‘appears counterfeit account’



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