Meet The New Cuba President -Miguel Diaz-Canel

Miguel Diaz Canel

By mystery and direct vote, the administrators must sanction the proposed candidature, and the outcome will be made open on Thursday, April nineteenth

The National Candidacy Commission of the Cuban Parliament has proposed Wednesday to the house 605 administrators Miguel Diaz Canel as the country’s new president supplanting Raul Castro.

By mystery and direct vote the administrators are voting on Diaz Canel and different MPs proposed to hold different posts at the State Council, yet the outcome won’t be made open until tomorrow Thursday in the second and last day of the introduction session of the ninth Legislature.

Who is Jerome Hamon ?

The Candidacy Commission likewise proposed the other 30 officials to make up the Council of State, the most astounding legislative body that speaks to the National Assembly in the middle of times of sessions.

Diaz Canel drives the rundown as the Council’s President, who in Cuba is the Head of State and Government, while Salvador Valdes was designated as First Vice President.

Ramiro Valdes, Roberto Morales, Gladys Bejerano, Ines Maria Chapman and Beatriz Johnson are the possibility to be the five Vice Presidents, and Homero Acosta was proposed as the Council’s Secretary.

They should all be sanctioned by the 605-part whole.



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