MEET THE AUTHOR With Harsh Pandey


The Social Rush proudly presents its first season of web interview series that too of its own class- “Meet the Author” which is an online interview place to meet up your favourite authors through us! The interviewer is none other than our Founding Editor – Harsh Pandey who is making a comeback to Literature Journalism.

So sit on a couch, have a coffee cup accompanied by pastries or some cookies along with some silence or sweet chin music & get tuned to read the interviews of your budding as well as experimental authors sharing out of the box “Book Stories” which will surely encourage you to be an author too. If you have not bought the book yet, not only you will buy it the next moment but you will share it with your friends and spread the word.

           The Interviewer: Harsh Pandey, Founding Editor-The Social Rush

So Literature lovers, book critics, writers, readers and everyone old plus new to the world of Literature, Let’s discuss books by meeting up the author itself.

Here we go! It’s Book Time!





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