MEET THE AUTHOR With Harsh Pandey : Interview #1 Pragya Kureel


Welcome to the first interview of Meet The Author season 1 with your own Literature host Harsh Pandey. Today our guest is Pragya Kureel, a law student by academics but an author by passion who has brought her latest book “My Dear Lavender” which has ultimately gained bombastic response in the Literature circuit setting her aside from the rest of the female budding authors. Read this interesting and deep yet short interview where she shares the insights of her new romance genre novel.


Hola friends I am your literature host – Harsh Pandey. Our guest for the first interview of this season is Ms. Pragya Kureel. She is beautiful & diligent. She has her own flair of writing and she believes in delivering something different through her novels all the time for her beloved lovers. She is a young law student from New Delhi who loves to write not on law but literature! She enjoys her life to the fullest and speaks herself out through her written words inked with the creativity of romance.

She has come up with her latest novel ” My Dear Lavender” which is a romance genre novel based on a very typical angle which misses out in every regular romantic novel to be precise. Her book has managed to garner success and good feedback ranking #63,000 In Amazon Best Seller’s Rank Worldwide. The book reads out the about section like this:-

“Janice Lockhart and Brady Mitchell share a forever old romance where they’re all set to be married. But, cards on the table turn for Janice when Brady shots to fame in Hollywood & vanishes on her. The old love is in jeopardy again. Janice sets out on an enticing journey to find her love only to discover that there are darker truths lying that are better left under the wraps. Will she ever know what happened to Brady? Will the wedding lavender blossom for her or will they forever die?”

Here she is with us to share the full story from making to the success of her book along with her literature life for her readers and much more….so get, set, go!

Pragya Kureel – Author of “Dear My Lavender”


  • Q – Harsh Pandey  (Interviewer)

  • A – Pragya Kureel (Interviewee)

Q-What was the main inspiration behind writing this book?

A-. My interest in writing YA genre. Hands down! I think India is lagging behind in this genre and it needs just a little push to appreciate this genre here


Q-Does this reflect your personality?

A-Um, I would say, as authors, we all use certain elements of our personality in our writings. So yes, in a way, I have characters based on my traits.


Q-What theme did this book reflect on?

A- The book is revolving around romance with elements of a thriller in it. The theme is the mystery with an attempt to lighten the mood of the story.



Q-How you seek the bombastic response coming your way- expected or surprised?

A-Since It’s my second work, I could see it coming but, this book is getting the better response which comes as a surprise.


Q-Which will be your genre of writing?

 A- Currently I’m working on romantic /thrillers, YA, fiction but I won’t be hesitant to work on other genres.


Q-Can we get to see a sequel of it soon?

A- No. No sequels to this book.


Q-Are you the Junior Savi Sharma in Literature circle?

A -No, I write differently. I appreciate what Savi writes but my writing is west-inspired.


Q-What message do you wanna convey to your readers?

A- Well, to all my readers, thank you for your love and support and I hope we take reading culture in India to a grow.


                THE END 










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