Meet the Digital Nomad – Shivya Nath


Ever thought of leaving your weary job, monotonous life and touring the world? I know what runs in your mind by now family, money etc. Yes this is possible; Shivya Nath sets a perfect example for this.


Shivya Nath hails from Dehradun completed her schooling in India and graduated from one of the best universities in Singapore. Her Desire to explore the world beyond mountains made her to quit the job permanently ,became full-time traveler in 2011 and started her dream journey.

She would like to travel almost all the time solo and never carries a big back pack with her. In her words “I like to stay in experiential accommodation, travel impulsively and to places that have seldom been written about”. She avoids big tourist attractions in cities and takes the untraveled path to country side and experiment with local cuisine.

She runs a travel blog to meet her travelling expenditures which is also a treasure trove to enthusiastic travelers. Till date she traveled to some parts of Africa, South-East Asia, Middle East, and Europe.

It’s time to pack your bag and get ready to explore the world this summer. Follow her blog which is a travel guide, it also entails How to earn money while travelling, how to earn visa with ease. If you have any queries you are at liberty to ask her.


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