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Media law is not a term for a uniform and integrated bodies of law like the law of contract or the law of crimes. It is a mix of a variety of laws and ethics. It is considered as most important for a working journalist and media industry. Media has turned out to be an important part of our life. One tends to get information of every corner of the world while sitting anywhere. TV, Radio, Newspaper forms the central part of media and is quite pertaining.

Everything revolves around a set of laws. The same way our media too covers an area of law which includes media of all types. From Advertising, Broadcasting, Censorship, Confidentiality, Contempt, Copyright, Corporate Law, Defamation, Entertainment, Freedom of information, the Internet, Information Technology, Privacy to Telecommunications, all fall under media law which acts a legal field.


Media Law
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The concept of media law is not new. It is prevalent from the times of British Raj. Media has a very strong influence on our society. Therefore, Laws and Regulation governs it. Indian constitution does not provide freedom for media directly. But, it has laid down an indirect provision for it, through section 19 (Freedom of speech and expression).

Paid News

Paid News
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There is an emerging trend of paid news. It means buying of news to be in highlight. Various political parties do the same. So, To be in a light they construct news in their own good. You can witness this at the times of opinion polls. Instead of showing the actual results, political parties pay for the advertisements to show that they are likely to win.

The main objective of media is to provide people with news, events in an exact manner they are happening. Hence, There should not be any alteration or biasness in the same. When the media operates without any interference or biasness, it is all good. But when there comes an involvement of any foreign elements which alter the main subject matter of the information, the importance of media declines. This interference is checked by media law so that people are not misled or misguided upon the power of money.

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