Is Media Dependent or Independent of Political Parties?

Independent or dependent media

In today’s era, political parties hire media to publicize themselves. There are two types of media, one is paid and the other is public. Ownership has an enormous bearing on the nature of a media outlet’s coverage or, for that matter, any political coverage.

Political influence

Political Influence

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State and government owned media are under direct control of the state or ruling party control. It may tend towards favouring their parties and candidates. Public Media acts independently of any political parties. State financially supports Public media. Private media may be independent but always favours their proprietors. They always serve to the political interest of their funders.

Community Media

There is also another type of media. It is community media. It tends to focus on special issues. This media serves to a specific community. Yet, undoubtedly, it is the establishment of the right diversity and balance within the media ownership landscape. So, It is one of the keys to fostering democratic processes in any given country, not least fair and free elections. Apart from this, Social media is also another type of media. Social media is a place of all sorts of news. Social Media provides filtered news. It is a way of getting into the details of a particular news.

Mega corporations role

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Mega-corporation owns private media in the United States. Parties and candidates can get access to media through paid advertising. Similarly, in Finland, where commercial broadcasting developed rather earlier than in most of Europe. It has a far freer approach to paid political advertising than most European countries. Media ownership directly affects media’s important watchdog role during elections. State and government media are sometimes measurably biased. They Favour parties or candidates.

Role of Media

Mass media has a colossal influence both on public and politics since it shapes public opinion and it’s role become more powerful especially in elections. Media even manipulate political transparency. Rather Media should be responsible for giving transparent news. So, people can take right decisions. The paid news should get banned because it can influence a mass number of people. Every media firms should be responsible. The public should also take the right decision in choosing which media to watch. They should know the difference between good and bad media.

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