Marriage : Happily Ever After !


“And they lived happily ever after!” My grandma ended the bed time story with a sigh as she too slowly slumped into the pillow. I threw my arms around her, half asleep and wondered if it is always a “happily- ever- after” the marriage!

Most of us teenagers, if not all, are being inculcated with the idea that the marriage is the ultimate end of all our present day struggles- the aftermath of which is just bliss. This is especially true in the case of girls, who are trained to do the household chores and be adept at cooking as it is believed, that ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ Even boys are not spared per se, as they are made to believe that they have to get into good financial position in order to get the hands of their dream girls in marriage.

Even the media that boasts of modern outlook, constantly try to perpetuate this idea because of which it got deeply rooted in the minds of the Indian folks. The fairy tales and bed time stories, knowingly or unknowingly, train every kid to dream of that “happily-ever-after” awaiting us after we find our Prince Charming or Cindrella.


Though there appears to be a thin line of difference between genders coaxed into getting married early, the fact is that the pressure on girls is more severe. The average age of marriage for women in our country is around 22 years, whereas in most of the western world it varies from 25 to 33.

The irksome fact is that people around us are just waiting to start throwing the questions about marriage at us. “When will your marriage be? Don’t you think it’s already too late for your marriage?” Such questions are faced by young people who are in their late teenage and early twenties-especially those who are just out of their college.

I often felt that it is too presumptuous for the society to consider it as their right to decide when we get ripe for tying the nuptial knot. It is unjust on the part of the society that marriages are force fed on many people because of the society, leading to a lot of redundant trouble.

Well, is there any age parameter for getting married? If so, who decides it? Why are people so interested in the rat race for finding their happily-ever-after???
Let me clarify that I am not advocating misogamy, but it is the basic right of a person to decide when he or she is ready for the marriage.

Let us send a message to the family and society to give us the freedom to decide when we are actually ready for tying the nuptial knot and not to get carried away by what the society says or does. Marriage is not an obligation -it is just a step in one’s life and it is not the factor that decides one’s life. Whether to marry or not and when to marry- the decision is all yours. And that will bring in “happily-ever-after”


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