Manu Bhaker – The Girl Who Made It Big At A Small Age


Manu Bhaker, a 16 years old teenager from Haryana,  India is making the country proud with her record-breaking win at the 10m air pistol competition at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. A debutant in the Commonwealth, her majestic win over many much experienced and seasoned players left the audience at awe when she won the gold medal for India in 10m air pistol shooting on April 8, 2018.

Although this was her first season, her unwavering concentration and confidence are appreciated by people across the globe. With her win, she became the youngest Indian ever to win a Commonwealth Games medal. Her contributions added the 6th gold medal to India ‘s tally of medals.

Bhaker’ s rise to this height is quite a marvel in itself. She came into contact with this sport only a little over two years ago and the progress she made in this short period of time is quite inspiring. Her dedication to the sport has helped her to achieve this much-deserved success. Before joining the Commonwealth squad, she won multiple gold medals at the 2018 ISSF World Cup in Guadalajara, Mexico and the subsequent Junior World Cup in Sydney which made her a leading contender for a medal at the 21st Commonwealth Games.

The 16-year-old Bhaker’s shot a record 240.9 to finish well ahead of her senior teammate Sidhu, who aggregated 234 at the Belmont Shooting Centreville. This is said to be a Commonwealth record itself. Her importance and claim on the medal were established in the qualifying round itself when she finished first of the lot with another record-breaking score. In the main event too she was leading from the very beginning, leaving the others to catch up to her.

Manu is now an inspiration for many girls like her and it is reported that many of her friends and other girls at her school took up shooting too inspired by her. She is a girl the country is proud of. We look forward to her bright future. We hope she shines even brighter in the days to come.


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