Manoj Tiwari Vs Amantullah Khan During the Inauguration of Signature Bridge


One of the most awaited openings, the inauguration of the Signature Bridge took place today. But amidst the happy occasion, a scuffle between Manoj Tiwari and Amantullah Khan took place. We need to note here that both of them belong to two opposing political parties. While Tiwari belongs to BJP, Khan is related to AAP. A video of the somewhat violent interaction between the two, released by ANI surfaced only a few after the inauguration ceremony. In the video, Khan is seen pushing Tiwari. But in another video which became viral sometime later shows Tiwari behaving violently with AAP members and supporters.

Obviously, both the persons in question are blaming each other for their behaviour and trying to project themselves faultless. This is what Tiwari had to say on being asked about his behaviour by ANI:- “In my constituency (North East Delhi), I re-started construction of the bridge after it was stalled for many years and now Arvind Kejriwal is organising an inauguration ceremony,”. He further claimed that the policemen misbehaved him first on the instructions of CM Arvind Kejriwal’s. “I was invited to the inauguration event…. I am MP from here… So what’s the problem? Am I a criminal? Why has the police surrounded me? I’m here to welcome him (Arvind Kejriwal). AAP and police have misbehaved with me.”

In response to the reason behind his violent behaviour, this is what Khan had to say to ANI:- “When he (Manoj Tiwari) was trying to climb the stage I stopped him, I didn’t push him. It was obvious from his actions that if he was successful in climbing the stage he would have misbehaved or attacked CM and Deputy CM.” He further added – “Manoj Tiwari was not invited to the inauguration of Signature Bridge, still, he came there with his supporters. They tore our posters and hoardings, showed black flags and attacked our workers. When Arvindji arrived they came near the stage but police didn’t stop them.”

Who is speaking the truth and who is lying we will perhaps never be able to know. After all, at the end of the day, this is all politics. And lying and blaming each other seems to be an integral part of politics these days. The real truth will remain enclosed between only the close spectators of the event.



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