Manipur’s First Solar Toilet


Northeast’s first solar toilet has been inaugurated in Manipur’s Ibudhou Marjing Hill Heingang by Tourism director Waikhom Ibohol. This is India’s third such toilet. The solar panel, connected to the toilets absorb the heat to generate power and are also efficient to transform waste material as claimed by the founder.

With the opening of this toilet, Manipur joins the ranks of states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Around 100 units will be installed in Manipur before October 2. Moreover, the aim is to install the solar toilets at public places and neglected places.

The founder along with a dealer in Manipur came together and worked on setting up these solar toilets on a trial basis in the state. He also claimed that if the initial projects are successful then he might install such solar toilets in all the tourist spots across the place


With this very initiative taken by an individual, problems, like urinating and excreting in open areas, can be avoided.this will thereby help to limit the spread of waterborne diseases and illness. Soil toilet can run waste in Biochar, powered by nothing but the sun.

The major benefit which these solar toilets would fetch mankind and the society as a whole is that is that this a revolutionary step to Swacch Bharat Abhiyan.


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