A Man was Secretly Filming a Girl through his Phone, She taught him a Lesson rather smartly


A man in while travelling from Outram station to Harbourfront in Singapore, started filming a girl sitting in front of him (Creep alert). Little did the perverted man know that she could see the reflection of him filming her in his cell phone. She took a sweet revenge and started recording her back. She shared this matter in her Facebook post where she explains everything and soon the post went viral. Here’s what her post said –

“This is a video that I had recorded on 13th May 2017 Saturday at 7.40pm a minute or so after I had boarded the train at Outram mrt. I was heading towards Harbourfront to meet a friend. This guy quickly plonked himself on the seat opposite mine though it wasn’t as if the train was crowded and he had to race to get a seat. I was seated in the 2-seater located at the far ends of the carriage. He then proceeded to whip out his phone and I think the rest speaks for itself once you view the video.

The dumbass didn’t realise his folly obviously. I made my own recording of him but understandably lost my temper afterwards when confronting him over his actions. The mrt staff were most helpful and the SPF arrived at the scene within minutes. Upon further investigation this chap was found to be in possession of similar videos though I am told they were rather obscene in nature of unsuspecting victims.

This man’s name is Suraj. This asshole holds an employment pass. He had a range of excuses for his deplorable actions. His last feeble attempt of an apology was that ‘I was like his sister’.

I am highlighting this episode to the public in general to serve as a deterrent for other such assholes. Please always remain aware of your surroundings and never be afraid to speak out against such acts that may be committed against you or others around you.

You don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances. Ever.”

The link to her Facebook post is in here- https://www.facebook.com/uma.mageswari.9250/posts/10155333980022053?pnref=story

The picture and the video of the man soon went viral and people came in support of the girl that these type of stupidity has to stop.

People are openly supporting her in social media and say that this has to stop. But she also replied to some stereotyping comments, saying that the problem is arising everywhere.

Higher sources have reached out to help her out. But on further questioning, he started saving himself saying things like she is “like her sister”

Recently, she also gave a summed up info about the whole incident and says that the police is handling the situation from the very beginning.

The girl was brave and smart enough to take the issue out to the world, people like him should be held guilty for doing such shameless acts.

Bravo, lady !


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