Man – Dog Reunion After Three Long Years of Separation


A man and his dog reunite after three long years. Getting to know about such an event where you find one’s pet reuniting with his master after a few years is quite unlikely. The chances get slim with every passing year. Sometimes, its even hard to reunite with a person lost a few years ago, forget about a pet.

But, as the saying goes, what is allotted cannot be aborted and miracles do happen. So did the aforesaid event. In an unbelievable event, a 62-years old man called Giorgi Bereziani found his lost pet, a Dog named, Jorge and then found him in the streets three years later.

The video of the uncommon reunion has gained 2 million plus views on Youtube.

A call from a worker from Tbilisi, Georgia informed Mr Bereziani about a dog found on a street that matched the description that he gave. And as Mr Bereziani went to approach his lost pet, the dog immediately recognised his owner and pounced on Giorgio and started tugging on his clothing.

The video of this uncommon reunion is quite a viral thing to watch out on youtube.



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