The Machination Of Human Lives

Human Machination

Human beings are social beings. We all depend on the society we live in for our sustenance. But in this modern era, we see that people are gradually removing themselves from the society and living as solitary, secluded individuals, especially in the towns and cities. The more modern we become the more removed are we from our identity of a social being.

It’s true that the modern human has a great knowledge of science and technology, but it seems like all these technical and scientific knowledge is taking away our core identity of a social being from us. Science and technology have given us machines to make our lives easier. We can’t even imagine how our lives would be without the use of machines in our day-to-day lives to make things easy and fast for us. And now the situation has come to this that we can’t our lives without them. Now we are starting to identify more with the machines than with our fellow human beings.

We are gradually becoming the slaves of machines, so much so our actions reflect it. We now care very less or none at all for the other people who share our society and think only of ourselves. Individual gain has become the motto and goal now and we hesitate very little before harming others to get what we want. We now resemble the machines from this side, only concerned about achieving the end results by taking whatever measures necessary.

Machinations of human lives is a huge blow to everything that our ancestors taught us and expected from us. They firmly believed in living with the community and doing whatever is needed to fulfil our societal role. One’s identity as a social individual was much higher than one ‘s individual identity. But now we have let go of all these. In this age, we favour machines over humans. Rather than talking to the person sitting beside us we like to spend our time engaging with our phones. This was but a very tiny example of how machines dominate our lives. The real scenario is much narrower and horrific.

If this trend continues then I am afraid that it will not be long before we won’t even know the name of our neighbours (which seems to be happening in many cities nowadays) and nothing can be sadder than this. Although the machination of human lives is not much seen in the villages, it won’t be long before it spends there too. We need to be more aware of the dangers this process will pose to our lives and try to make a judicious use of machines rather than becoming their slaves. We need to remember that it is we who made the machines and not the other way round.

It is true that the machines are an indispensable part of our daily lives, but we need to draw a clear line between the use of machines and our lives. Our lives should go with our identity as a social being and not mechanical beings. We are not to be exploited by machines but use them to make our lives easier.

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