The letter to you my love!


A letter from a guy to his girl…! He conveys his love through his words. He spills out the postive emotions of his love and brings out positive approach towards her acceptance. The letter gives how deep he loved his girl and how he would make his girl to feel. He exclaims as he is too lucky to have her.

A relation that groom you up,
The bond that makes you strong!

A relation make you to be yourself,
The bond make you to NEVER give up!

A relation where you are more comfort,
The bond that afraid to Break!

A relation you dream for,
The bond you pray!

A relation you love,
The bond you stand!

A relation you care,
The bond you hug!

A relation you please,
The bond you want!

A relation you found,
The bond you saved!

A relation you dreamed,
The bond you hold!

A relation you survived,
The bond you needed!

A relation you loved,
The bond you will love forever!

Someone to chit-chat,
Someone to around!

Lucky me!

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