Love Yourself

Love Yourself
More- Love Yourself More !
  • Amal Raju

She prided herself on being alone. She could sleep alone, stay happily alone, and even eat alone. She enjoyed reading a book all by herself and walking with no company was a pleasure rarely denied.

Sitting alone and engaging in the art of gaining information, whether it be a piece of technology or from an encyclopedia were moments she mostly treasured. To be alone and soak in one’s own company and thoughts was negatively viewed throughout the world and in the case of women, often discouraged.

Do you know yourself? I don’t mean this question off-handedly, I mean if you know the various quirks, flaws, likes, dislikes and pet peeves that your body holds; those features of yourself that have to be dug up and discovered are the ones that truly define you. Simply reading a book is essential, but do you know that what kind of quotes and lines inspire you when you read a book?

Are these quotes and line of a different genre or do they always bring the same emotion to you? Small reaction in daily life could prove another mark – have you questioned whether you immediately smile or hesitantly tolerate another person’s company when you meet them? Have you discovered why this happens? Are you an introvert, ambivert or an extrovert? Let it not be some random post on social media that lets you know what kind of a person you are; discover yourself.

A constant company with others while invigorating and enlightening can eventually leave you very dependent. A constant requirement of someone’s presence by your side is not ensured throughout your life and you need to seek out the various realms and opportunities of your life by yourself.

Learn to do the simple things by yourself so that it may be well assured that you’d not have to depend on someone to drive you someplace important or teach you how to pay your electricity and water bills.

Learn more about your body and its quirks and try to love yourself. So maybe you do not like that piece of fat hanging off your body, but doesn’t it all add up to a weird, wonderful, an off-the-rocker yet beautiful you?

It may not be the easiest to come to terms with yourself. Bouts of strange emotions may take you by surprise. You may not expect those tears at that particular move scene because you never knew you felt so deeply about the cause it was projecting. You didn’t expect yourself to bristle when a male member of your family casually mocks you for not knowing your way around the kitchen because you didn’t know that you had such a quick temper.

You didn’t know you would shy away from a surprise confession of love because you just weren’t aware that you were this painfully scared of love. You didn’t know that you were such an avid traveller in life until you saw that beautiful picture of a beach under the piercing rays of the sun. Let the small incidents of your life be strong lessons on defining yourself.

Find out those movies and songs that keep you going – movies that restore your broken faith in humanity by the end of the day and songs that touch your heart and those lyrics that speak like your gospel. Treasure yourself – don’t give your precious body and soul to those who fail to recognize the true gem that you are and those that take advantage of you without a second choice.

Sometimes, you may feel like there’s no point in going on. This is not true, it never is. There are experiences only you can go through, a special kind of love only you can give those who surround you. You may be the guiding light for so many that you’re not aware of, try not to strip away that piece of hope from them.

Remember, life is short. Too short to live on guidelines, too short to worry about that ice-cream cone you are anxious to indulge in, too short to not love with all of you, too short to not take and give second chances and too short to not travel.

Live a little, smile a lot.


Between You and Me – By Amal Raju

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