Love Forever!


‘Love’ a word laden with so much meaning, emotion, and intensity that I often fall short of words to describe or define it. For me, love can be found anywhere and everywhere. We just need the right eye to look at it and the right heart to feel it. This poem, that I am going to share with you describes some of the many ways in which I see one of the most loved words in the dictionary, ‘love’ –


Love, love, love

Between a pigeon and a dove

As immortal soul mates these birds,

Are attached from the core of their hearts.


Love, love, love

Between the moon and the stars,

Twinkling all through the night

They merge with the daylight.


Love, love, love

Between pen and paper,

Both are useless without one another

Together they make tales last forever.

Love, love, love

Between the river and the ocean

One flows and becomes one with the other

And together they march towards heaven.


Love, love, love

Between flower and dew

Flowers wait for dew to fall

And then together dazzle in the sun.


Love, love, love

Between a mother and a child

Is something to look at forever

How one cares for the other.

Love, love and only love

Between each and every human

Can bring peace down to earth

And make this place a heaven.


Let’s hope for such love…

Let’s hope for such a heaven…

Let’s not hate each other

And let’s let love flow forever and ever…


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