Love Defined!

Love Defined

If we had a characteristic of living all alone, it could have done a lot well, from limiting world’s population to a solution for trust issues. Choosing a wrong person not only lead to heartbreaks but also creates a reluctance in going with the right person. This is how love becomes complicated.

Is it Love or Infatuation?

Just a month of meeting arouses a sign of intimacy and we interpret it to be love. An infatuation makes us consider ourselves to be Romeo and Juliet. A false dream of the best love story ends with two unknown faces. An impulsive decision seems to be great at the beginning as sentimental promises, relationship goals, appears to be fascinating. But, when comes the time to sacrifice for each other, one tends to back out. Hence, the loveless relation takes its true form. In the name of love, hides “physical attraction” and it eventually pops out.


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Before one realizes the infatuation, it’s too late. The state of “Can’t live without you” changes to “Can’t live with you”. Once staring eyes starts treating each other as strangers. Dating has become such an abstract concept. It makes me feel to be in a wrong generation where true love does not exist. So, it’s better not to fake it. Have patience till the point where even a thought of losing each other shakes you up. Therefore, know each other until a single glance is enough to tell each other’s well-being. Love, instead of using each other.

A True Meaning

The basic essence of love should be to become happy to see your other half happy, a mere smile should act as the reason for your gloomy day. Ego, attitude, selfishness needs to be replaced with understanding, selfless attitude and a forgiving nature. Miss each other like an idiot misses the point. Meeting each other should give you more happiness. Rather than, smoking a joint.
“I did nothing for the exams” used to be the most heard lie, but now “I will never leave you” gives side looks.

A true Love

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