Live-in-relationship, a marshallment in which unmarried people live together without getting married for a long term for a variety of reasons including to test the compatibility before they commit to a legal union. This type of relationship was only legal in foreign country’s as they believe that its very important for a couple to know whether they are made for each other to live life long or not. India, a country known for its culture and traditions was against of this type of relations but now according to a new law passed by the supreme court states that if a man and a woman lived like a husband and wife in a long term relationship and even had children, the judiciary would presume that the two were married and the same laws would be applicable. Moreover, the apex court has declared that for a man and a woman in love to live together is a part of the right to life and not a criminal offence which basically means live-in relationships are legal in India now.

In live-in relationships, there is no law which bind the partners together which means either of the partner can walk out of the relationship, as and when they wish to do so. The right to maintenance in a live-in relationship is decided by the domestic violence act and the individuals facts of the case. It’s very true that the common man is still not ready to accept such kind of relations but under domestic violence act the right to alimony is granted to an aggrieved live-in partner. Under section-125 of the criminal procedure code a legal right of maintenance to a lady partner has been provided in these type of relations and even the domestic violence act would be applicable on a man if he tried to torture his partner physically, mentally, verbally or economically in live-in relationship. All the above the supreme court has allowed live-in relationships to be covered within the ambit of the law specified.

As we know “all shadows of clouds the sun cannot hide, like the moon cannot stop oceanic tide..” which means every issue has brighter as well as darker sides and we cannot ignore any of these. As far as this issue is concerned, it also has some negative edges. We all know India, the nation of love has always taught in their respective books the importance of marriage in love life. Our forefathers has a belief that a marriage is the only way to connect two people by their hearts and it not only connect them but their families too. In normal words relations are like a tree in which a couple is the roots and their families are like its branches, flowers and fruits. A tree only bear delicious fruits and colourful flowers when the roots are strong. Live-in relationships, though it is good that it has became legal but in my point of view this will ruin the trust and faith of youth in marriages which is not good for the future of our nation. To conclude, it can be said that every coin has two phases but it’s our responsibility to understand what is good or bad for us and for our society as well.


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