Sky Was Never A Limit


And that’s so true!
How can a thing as unknown as the sky be your limit;

How can the dreams that you have known forever get bound by something that you had never known? You had seen it forever but had never known it..not even a fraction of what you had known about yourself, your dreams, your milestones.
It is so much like living all your life with someone and knowing nothing of him yet trusting him for everything that you do.

The best would be an example of some celebrity whom we love, are inspired from, have known since forever and have been following them on almost every other medium like social media or anything available, we might also have read everything available about them. Yet, we would not know as much about them as we would know about ourselves. What we see about them is what they have wanted us to see. Though you might have known the maximum of them, you would still not know anything about them in person. Just because they are the best that you can see does not mean that they are standing on the last milestone one could reach to.

Similarly, the sky is not the limit to your success and progress, just because that is the last point that you can see. The limit is your vision. Yes! the limit is your vision and the level at which you wish to see yourself every time after you have reached a step above than the place where you stood before. Nothing on earth and no power of the mankind can ever restrict you from accomplishing success to your goals as long as you have the courage and are ready to make ends meet to keep moving.

The last point that you see does not really matter in the journey towards your goals. What actually matters is which is the last point where you see yourself. If you have guts and you are all ready and determined to keep moving, the sky cannot be the dead end. The last end may lie beyond the sky. So, keep moving without letting sky create hindrance in your ways.

The logic entitled aforesaid is true, even if you look at it practically. Wondering how….??
Well, let me explain to you that too. What is the most distant and last thing that you see? The sky! Well, this is the most distant thing that you see but, is surely not the last. There are things lying beyond the sky. You cannot see them but can reach them for sure, if, you have that determination to carry on with your journey even after you have had accomplished your desires and dreams.

Make sure that you keep craving for more, have desires to accomplish and achieve more but, that more should always be an outcome of your curiosity, not greed…!!
Because the curiosity to know more would take you to a new land of unknown to explore and learn more, but the greed would give you everything that you wish for while snatching away the things you leave unnoticed.

So, make your vision your limit, not the sky. And don’t let someone unknown take away your place or misguide you from your path. Stay calm, determined, keep acting and keep moving.


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