Life As A Nun


Life on this Earth is not so amusing for everybody, and particularly for women who try to live as a spinster for the rest of their life. Some get termed to be headstrong, while are termed to be prostitutes. But, then, trying to understand them is the difficult part, and not terming them with names, and society always chooses to do the easy part, doesn’t it!

That is exactly what has happened to this nun in Kerala. She complained that she was raped by a bishop, and the society, rather than choosing to take the complaint seriously, decided to question her, as to why she didn’t complain about the first attempt itself. Some also say that she is a prostitute and that is why she enjoyed the who part of the time she spends with the Bishop, and then, comes to file a complaint out of the blue.

The nuns voicing for justice

When it is a man, his word is a gem, and when it is a woman, the society doesn’t care to understand her even when she says she had been brutally raped but rather chooses to call her a prostitute.

The Accused – Bishop Franco Mulakkal

Dear society,

       For once, please try to understand the pain of a woman. Do not put her into filthy blames until you know that it is the truth. Do not call a woman a prostitute, when you don’t know what she had gone through to take up the courage to file a complaint. And, please, do not mix politics with religion. It will never work. A woman has a heart, and that pains too, just like anybody else’s.



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