Life after Death

Life After Death
  • Charu Rawat

Life after Death? Who believes in this issue I guess hardly anyone many cases are there lying straight in front of my eyes yeah! Well, I m not denying it that life after death exists oh yeah there are many tourist places where the word horror contains its literal meaning.

I m not want to prove it practically because proving practically put me in news cases.Many reporters lost them after visiting the horror world.

Life after death really exists souls are the real wonders of old monuments of Rajasthan especially!! There is the wave in the air which has something contains horror.I myself feel nature is revengeful no matter who one is a victim. When a human dies his energy has been called as soul…soul to be believed that takes its any desired shape.

They have their residence to live if anyone disrupts in anyways has to suffer alone.I finally conclude that listening to the lecture I feel like its appropriate to say life after death exists.



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