Life – A Mysterious Happening


Strangled in the web,
The web of distortions
My distorted soul,
Ponders upon the creation.
A creation, merely not a span
Between the birth and the death.
A creation, which is just not a breath.
But a Mysterious Happening.
Something, which never ends.
Never, ever ends…

Contemplating in the sunshine,
Memories make my day.
The mess of moments,
Thoughts and emotions;
A series of them, make me awake.
Maybe a chaos!
Maybe a commotion?
Every shard of it,
Cut through my veins.
Every day, every moment,
Every second;
The cosmos conspires for it,
About that Mysterious Happening,
Which would never end?
Never! Not even after death.

For only death, is not the end.
Yes, death is not the end!
There is something beyond our imaginations,
And something, beyond the ends…


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