Let’s talk Mental Health. As just another nobody, the stigma around this issue somewhat paralyses me. To an extent where I think are only the known and famous allowed the right to feel pain and suffering?

We are well aware of numerous celebrities talking about Mental Health and the importance of it in an attempt to somewhat ‘revolutionize’ the perspective towards it. But the reality is far from it. Nobody’s like me aren’t allowed to present their battle with depression to the world, that is only reserved for more known faces. And you, well you can just relate with the suffering But shush, be careful to whom you open up about your vulnerability. This world isn’t really kind to the weak, and you might just give them the perfect point to strike you down.

Be Bold. Be Outspoken. This is the motto taught to us ever since we were impressionable young kids. But what if I am not bold? Not outspoken? Not courageous enough? What if people intimidate me without them even trying? What is my survival mantra? Being shy, being introverted, being socially awkward is more my thing. But that too seems to be trending nowadays. Everybody claims to be an introvert. It is the norm to fit in. But does one actually analyse what these terms signify? An introvert does not go out telling the whole wide world “Hey! Actually, I am an introvert, you know?” Their characteristics do not allow them to justify their behaviour, it is intrinsic to their personality, like an aura around them, and it comes without warning, without a heads-up.

Society has evolved in unimaginable ways, and now it is the minority who is being brought into the limelight but not really. We talk about things we did not previously, but with a notion of achieving something much greater out it. In an attempt to move forward we keep regressing backwards. To normalise something does not mean every second person ought to be the same kind of awkward.

We are all damaged fools. That is okay. Your pain may not be the same as the one sitting next to you. But that is okay too. You are validated for what you feel. Your feelings are real as long as your actually feel them and not make-believe to convince somebody else that you understand their suffering.

Depression is not cool. Pain is not cool. Suffering actually does hurt. Stop romanticising depression. Let’s actually, really talk about it without beating around the bush anymore.

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