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I am the sparkle that can make the sun shy away in envy, I am the grace that can make the moon twinkle in admiration, I am the treasure that can make money go green with jealousy and I am the love that can fill even stones with sheer warmth. I am a pair of earrings, embezzled with the deepest of love and graced by hands older than time itself. And THIS is my story.

I was born in a warehouse with crumbling walls, shady cobwebs, menacing darkness and creepy vibes. Unlike my brothers and sisters who were born in work studious dripping with luxury and opulence, my birth was a simple affair, with no one except the winds to acknowledge the monumental moment when I was born. Why, you ask? Because I was an illegitimate child, created as a rich man’s gift to his mistress. The hands that created me were calloused with years of hardship, but they were gentle and full of love as they shaped me.

I was very young when I realized that I was different from everyone. No, not by appearance. If you saw me, you would say that I was just as good as anyone: a perfect harmony of gold and diamonds strung together to create a wonderful bliss. I was not different from my brothers and sisters by origin, colour, class, caste or shape.

But I was certainly different and this difference resulted from the way I was treated. Unlike some of my brothers who were well cared for, polished and cleaned every year, I had never known what a gentle caress felt like. I was never taken to opulent parties full of fun, frolic, glamour and glory. Contrasting, it was years before I ever saw the light of the day. Unlike my sisters, who were a source of pride and joy to their owners, my mistress always had tears in her eyes when she saw me.

My mistress always kept me locked up in an old almirah, away from the rest of the world. With nothing to keep me occupied, I spun fairytales. Fairytales of happiness, grief, anger, love, jealousy and every tale brought respite from this heart numbing stillness that seemed to cling to my world. Days turned into months and my heart became only marginally lighter. The days (and the nights) were dark, but I hung on to the hope that some day I would be able to see the sun.

One day, I was rudely disturbed from my sleep when my mistress took me out of the cupboard. Feeling her gentle caress, my heart filled with joy. Instead of the usual tears, she wore a bittersweet smile and it was enough to tell me that this was the love that I had been yearning for. And in that moment, I swear, everything was perfect.

Suddenly, the front door slammed loud enough to jolt me out of my reverie. With loud, resounding footsteps, the rich man walked towards us, sending shivers sown my spine. What followed could only be described as a battle: words flung, fists slung, accusations hurled and within minutes there were tears streaking down my mistress’ cheek.

In a split second, hysteria possessed her and she started destroying anything and everything she could lay her hands on. And this how, in a quick flick, I was hurled out of the window, onto the pavement. That was where I lay, half-dead, for a long time, in hopes that someone would pick me up and give me a chance to rewrite my story.



18 thoughts on “Let’s Stop Making Her Cry”

  1. "WOW! What A Ride!""Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming…Wow! What a ride!" Glad to have ridden with you for awhile, Ronnie.

  2. 16/04/2011 – 6:57pmY Puyol de titular! Quizás sea verdad eso de que en realidad en estos últimos días ya estaba bien pero se estaba reservando, porque no es muy normal poner a un jugador que lleva tanto tiempo en el dique seco de titular en un partido como éste y en el Bernabéu.

  3. auguico dit :Et j’aime bien la voilerie danse, j’étais allée voir une compagnie avec Zaz là-bas, très chouette endroit, j’aime son côté informel, ainsi que d’être au même niveau que les danseurs!!!!

  4. lenasvn –Well, I thought I was just having my little joke, and that the "Klingon" reference would tip everybody off to the fact that I was kidding. I suppose I should have known better!Maybe I should have used the <joke> and </joke> tags to make sure my humorous intent was clear.

  5. You said you regretted nothing this season (except not being actually meaner to Luann), but you did some horrible things. You seemed to relish hurting and humiliating Jill in front of people, saying things you knew would really, really hurt her and enjoying it. I know you say it was pent up-but Ramona was so so much more terrible to you and your family. Did you do this to stay on the show?

  6.   EspenI oktober skal jeg jammen meg løpe mye til og fra jobb ogsÃ¥. Klarer jeg 3 ganger i uka blir jeg sinnsykt fornøyd. Korteste vei er bare 7km og flatt+nedover sÃ¥ den gÃ¥r av seg selv pÃ¥ morningen.SÃ¥ kan man heller bygge pÃ¥ en lenger tur hjem eller løpe 7x2km pÃ¥ de dagene man skal ha “hvile” eller ta det litt med ro! Masse muligheter. gleder meg til Ã¥ komme igang med det.. hehe.

  7. Cat,What I left out of my post above:The reason Crossan emphasizes "householder" as his term for the divine is precisely because Yeshua (Jesus) was intent upon practicing and modeling the relationship which Creator and Creation have.The biblical Hebrew challenge to human being is the be the image of Mother-Father God as householder and steward of the earth.And so it is.Blessed Be,Michael

  8. Un augurio e un abbraccio virtuale ad AkyIl Napoli di Lavezzi batte il ….”Napoli di Maradona”. che strano la vita dopo più di venti anni “Rischio” di rivedere Napoli-Real Madrid chi devo ringraziare? De Laurentiis o Marino? Personalmente scrivo: Tutti e “Due” chi per un verso e chi per un altro.

  9. I loved this class! Madame Crouzieres is wonderful! We learned so much more French than I could have ever imagined. I could easily talk to my friends from the class in French by the end of it. The videos that go along with the lessons are silly and make it more interesting. The class ended up really bonding together and having so much fun everyday! And I speak Spanish too, so that helps me a lot, but it’s pretty easy. The homework isn’t tough, and the grading isn’t tough. The teaching is so good that you don’t have to put in too much work.

  10. your comment didn’t sound rude to me either! hmmmm. interesting. anyhow, as to your comment on jan singing too much last night: AGREE! i had to change the channel cause i couldn’t handle it at one point!! hahahah i really liked the ending w/holly and michael. cute. 🙂 hope you’re having a TGIF!!

  11. I am really beginning to think there’s a correlation between writing and ambidexterity. Almost everyone is commenting that they use both hands for so many things. And thinking of some of the Russian composers, my right hand would have been stronger for some of those thundering low chords….And I promise—our archaeologist is feeling much better and on Tuesday will be checking out what’s going on by the backhoe.

  12. ho dimenticato dei disastri ambientali.qui non ho molta conoscenza pero', a grandi linee, io direi di comparare la cina con tutta l'europa (come superficie) di 50 anni fa (loro adesso sono grosso modo a questo livello) tenendo conto che 50 anni fa in europa non abitavano 1.5 miliardi di persone. e poi guarda il nostro meridione dove vive un infinitesimo di quelli che vivono in cina e vedi se puo' sembrarti tanto meglio. in ogni caso io non mi sento di giudicare cose che non conosco a fondo, per cui mi tengo i dubbi, da entrambe le parti.indopama

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