Let’s Know: Google Journalism AI Project


Google is an American multinational company which provides all internet services. It also facilitates online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Google is always come up with an innovative idea for the benefit of the user, this time it introduces AI projects which is artificial intelligence. To help news industry use Artificial Intelligence in innovative ways Google has announced in collaboration with Polis – the international journalism department at London School of Economics and Political Science to create Journalism AI.

Media is a very important source of information which is widely spread every corner. Google Initiative News part of the “Journalism AI” projects will focus on training, research, and development for the newsroom. Collaboration with newsroom creates best practices handbook and produce free online on how to use AI in the newsroom of journalists worldwide as reported by Matt Cooke, Head of Partnerships and Training, Google News Lab.

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* The company, it has provided free training to journalists on a range of tools reaching more than 140,000 people.
* Training on Google tools for a journalist is now available in 16 languages.
*In November, Google News launched a new innovation challenge to help scribes and publishers to produce the best quality of journalism digitally.
*Google News Innovative (GNI) will fund on this project up to  $300,000 and finance up to 70 percent of the total project cost, that inject new ideas into the news industry.

Google Journalism AI project is a new revolution in the news industry and also reaching the new heights. The AI and automation are already being used in newsroom across the world. Many journalists use AI generated template to produce news rapidly increase the number of writes up produced. There are many news industries focussing to opt for an AI project.


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