Less Fundamental Forces

Fundamental Forces
  • Sudipt Agarwal       

There are four fundamental forces that govern all the matter existing in the universe. A recent development has created a sensational atmosphere in the science fraternity. Some calculations have proved that not all the fundamental forces are created equal.  An alternate universe that lacks the weak nuclear force which is one of the four fundamental forces could still form galaxies, stars, planets and perhaps life.

The long belief of scientists has been challenged by this new development. There has been a long belief among scientists that our universe would not exist or to say it precisely would not be able to support life without certain physical laws.

Gravity is the greatest example in support of this belief, most of the matter would have been sucked into black, holes if gravity would have been much stronger than it is; or on the contrary, the universe would not have been able to form structures such as galaxies or planets if it was much weaker than it is.

The electromagnetic force, one of the four fundamental forces, helps to carry light across the universe whereas the strong nuclear force, also a part of those four fundamental forces helps to hold atomic nuclei together.

“These three forces, gravity, strong nuclear force and electromagnetic force, are part of a deal”, says Fred Adams, theoretical physicist in the University of Michigan. The weak nuclear force, whose work is different from the other three, might not be so essential. The work of weak nuclear force includes making neutrons decay into protons, electrons and neutrinos. He added, “That is the only one you can get rid of entirely without messing things up”.

There is only one possible way according to the studies conducted till now for the creation of complex matter in such a universe. It has to start with fewer neutrons and more free protons than our universe.



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