What the Vandalism of Lenin’s Statue Tells Us


The supporters of the Bharathiya Janata Party in the city of Belonia, located in the Southern part of Tripura, took down a statute of Vladimir Lenin, a soviet communist revolutionary. Lenin also served as the head of the Soviet Union for a time. He is considered to be one of the most influential leaders among the communists. He is also a very well known political theorist, who is one of the first leaders to put Marxist principles into practice.

The CPI(M), which had lost the election in Tripura, after being in power for many years, has accused the BJP of the wrongdoing. Some CPI(M) party members are allegedly fearing for their life and have accused the BJP of threatening them. The Saffron brigade has completely rubbished these claims. The ruling party has instead blamed the CPI(M) members of posing as members of BJP and vandalising the statue, in a bid to reduce BJP’s popularity.

In a rather surprising turn of events, Mamatha Bannerjee, the CM of West Bengal and of the Trinamool Congress, has strongly condemned the vandalism of the statue. She has additionally accused the BJP of using divisive tactics for political gain. She has also stated that such kind of behaviour will not be supported in her state.


This is not the first time the state has been accused of wrongdoings for political gain in the state. BJP had previously been accused of looting and forcing people to donate money to the campaign. Whosever fault it is, it overall shows us the state of the political scenario in our nation, where parties are resorting to acts like these to gain public support. It is time that we, the people, show political parties that acts like these will not fetch them votes or increase their popularity.


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